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Malls to Visit in Kochi

Are you new in kochi? Looking for a good mall to visit? We have come with our list of Malls to visit in Kochi. Hope this finds some use to answer your question about...

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Top 10 best handyman home service apps 2021

People have always been great fans of handyman service applications. Therefore, an application that acts as an integrated platform for all of the important services is a boon to all. In this era where...


South Indian Wedding Saree Ideas

When it comes to the South Indian weddings, the bridal dress becomes rich with the fabric and the the silk threads in it. South weddings are known for their magic with silk sarees. But...


Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins

Hindu weddings with the bridesmaid concept have been recently installed due to the influence of other weddings. So when choosing the cousin code for Hindu weddings, you have to go for entirely traditional ones....

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Work from Office VS Work from Home

From the daily hustle rushing for the office to waking up at a flexible time, we all survived the pandemic with the change in our work scenario. Covid has revolutionized work life. The new...


Minimal Indian bridal makeup

Marriage is mostly grand and loud. But as people are setting trends, there are private ceremonies happening all around with minimal and subtle settings. And even brides are ditching the old and saggy heavy...

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