Castor Oil-Honey Hair Mask for Wonderful Hair

castor oil hair growth tips

Does your hair fall worry you? Would you like you to have gorgeous hair using simple ingredients at home? Then, this castor oil- honey hair mask will help! Hair masks have been used for ages. These masks work miraculously by making hair grow faster. The hair mask is made as per the hair and the kind of scalp one has! castor oil -honey hair mask has been in use for a long time.

Let’s know what magic does castor hold in it!

Castor oil benefits-

  • We get Castor oil from castor beans, which is rich in ricinoleic acid—a type of fatty acid found to battle inflammation, it is very good to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall.
  • Hot oil massage on the scalp makes way for proper hair growth.
  • Helps to treat dandruff when massaged properly.
  • Castor oil has omega-6 fatty acids and therefore when massaged onto the scalp it helps in increasing the blood circulation that aids hair growth

Honey benefits-

  • Honey can help with cell growth. It helps the epithelial skin cells to grow. The scalp consists of it majorly.
  • Honey consists of moisturizing properties that treat dry and frizzy hair.
  • This helps hair to get a natural lustre.
  • Honey keep the scalp healthy

Steaming hair with castor and honey mask

For this mask, take castor oil and honey. The quantity of the oil should vary depending upon the length and thickness of your hair. Mix a generous amount of honey with this. Apply this mix to the scalp and hair strands properly. The hair ends should not be left out. After proper application, the next step is to steam.

If required, a paste of fenugreek seeds can also be added. Soak handful seeds of fenugreek in water overnight and make a fine paste out of it. Mix castor oil and honey with this paste to make the mask more effective. It will be really helpful to fight dandruff and dry hair. This step is optional. But this step can help to get better results.

After the application of the mask, steam your hair. Dip a towel in warm water for about 5 minutes. The water should be warm not boiling! Don’t burn yourself during this. The water shouldn’t burn your scalp. Be careful during this step. After dipping the towel in water, wrap this towel over your hair and make a turban. Let this sit for 20 minutes. After this, slowly unwrap your hair.

Soon after removing the towel, you can wash off your hair. Use a shampoo to wash off the mask. Even though castor oil can be a thick oil and hard to remove, shampoo can help. But you might have to shampoo more than usual to remove castor oil completely. This mask is entirely natural. Thus, you can repeat this once or twice a week without any harsh side effects. Try this to see the change in the hair.

Hair masks are effective if they are used regularly. Homemade masks are safer than the market ones since these are natural. Be consistent with them and see the change. For more services, check out us on WALA SERVICES!

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