Hair Care in this Winter

Hair Care in Winter

Hair fall and winter tend to be best friends it seems. There are many who complain about how haircare becomes tiring in the winters. Here are some hacks on hair care in this winter. Check them out to get thick and luscious hair this winter season. These are some basic ways to keep the routine of your hair care in this winter update.

1. Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is very effective on the scalp during the winter season. It is a very old and traditional way to oil hair also known as ‘CHAMPI’ in Hindi. This boosts the blood circulation in the scalp and helps the follicles to be stronger. Oiling can be done in every 4-5 days. It depends on your time schedule. Overnight oiling is a good option too. Do not miss out this part for your hair strands. You can choose the oil that suits your hair. The best oil that we recommend is none other than coconut oil.

2. Fight Dandruff

In the winter, dandruff is quite common among people. But the problem is that people tend to ignore this thinking that the white flakes are common and they shall go by themselves. But do not do this mistake. You can fight this white army with proper inclusion of tea tree oil in your normal oiling routine or shampooing. And you can also try applying curd for your hair. You should never miss putting a deeply nourishing hair mask.
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3. Don’t Wash Frequently

In winters, we would suggest you to keep the number of washes low as much as possible. Washing hair frequently may lead to the loss of moisture from the locks. So, we highly recommend you to reduce the hair washes as possible. Winter dries things. So, take care about that. You hair might look lifeless and damaged with frequent washes. Also, trim off the Split-ends if you have them. Do not keep them for long.

4. No Hot Showers

You may be tempted to wash your hair with warm water. But we warn you with that. Kindly do not wash your hair with warm water. Use lukewarm water. Hot showers can make your hair go more dry in this cold season. And also, they can damage the hair stands. So, stay away from hot showers for washing your hair.

5. Drink lots of Water

Winters can make you less thirsty for water. But do not miss out the hydration part. Drink as much as water possible. Do not miss out the hydration. You can try juices rich in Vitamin C. Keep your body hydrated and this shall help your hair growth too. So do not miss out water in this winter.

You should deeply condition your hair. And regular diet and exercise is a must in winters. You may feel lazy to get up but come out of that shell please. So this winter stay healthy and have lovely hair with these tips.

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