How to do Makeup With a Face Mask

make up with facemask

Full face of makeup ruined by a face mask? We got you !

The COVID pandemic has taught us all a lesson on how important it is to keep our health safe especially for our dear ones and our society. The only solution to get away from the virus was to wear a mask. However, for makeup lovers like us, we want to protect society and ourselves but the mask always ruined our perfectly contoured nose or that bright red lipstick. As a result here are some ways to wear makeup with a face mask.

Face masks can irritate the skin because of constant rubbing on the face. Especially wearing makeup, it can definitely transfer and make a mess on your face.


Always wash face mask regularly.

Lets get started!

1. Do Your Skincare

Skincare has been upcoming since the pandemic started. Sales have been high in skincare than in cosmetics. However, skincare is an important step that should be followed by everyone. As a result, even our faces are hidden behind the mask its essential to apply skincare. Top your face with moisturizer and sunscreen.

2. Try Bidding Farewell to Foundation

Foundation can be trouble while wearing a mask. Since the mask is in constant friction with the face, the foundation will transfer to the face. Alternatively, you can use a tinted cream or moisturizer, a lightweight foundation, or a matte foundation. Don’t get a face full with foundation, apply on areas that need correction or to cover blemishes.

We recommend to completely skip foundation. So what about those who love and have to wear foundation every day? Here’s a quick tip: Use a setting spray to set your face. Always apply primer, a hydrating, or matte one for making your makeup last.

3.Concealer: Must Use

Since the mask covers a part of our face. Our eyes and the forehead are the parts left out. The concealer will cover up dark circles. It can also highlight under the eye.

  • Always buy concealer of the right shade to cover under eye dark circles.
  • Buy a lighter shade to highlight the under-eye area.

After applying concealer,set using a translucent powder or a setting spray.

4.Blush or Bronze

You can use blush or bronze according to your wish. Remember to always set the blush or bronzer with a setting spray. Make sure the makeup doesn’t transfer.

Blush can be used to give those cheeks a flush of color. Avoid nose area while applying blush. Bronzer helps to sculpt the face. By applying on the perimeters of your face to get a sunkissed look.

5. Make The Eyes Talk

The only part where we can experiment is our eyes. You can play with different color eyeshadows neutral or flashy to enhance the whole look. Experiment with different types of eyeshadows or eyeliners to bring a difference to your face and make the eyes open and let them do the talking. Try smoky eyes, shimmery eyes, or a neutral base toned eyes matching your face.

Tip:Use highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop!

Eyeliner: Use an eyeliner, gel, or liquid eyeliner to enhance your eyes.Experiment with different styles such as cateye and more to brighten your eyes.

Mascara: Apply generous coats of mascara to make the eyes pop. Curl your lashes for a doll-like effect. Focus on gliding the mascara wand from the root to the tips of the eyelash to make your eyes look wide awake

6.Lipstick ,who?

The mask has direct contact with the lips more especially when we talk. As a result, opt for lipgloss or lip balm instead. Choose lip balms with good hydration properties that don’t dry up your lips. You can wear lipsticks, but however, go for nude or light shades. Try on lipliners for the defined look. Nude shades can make a less mess than bright lips. Bright reds or pinks can transfer easily and will be seen. Touching up can be a hassle, that’s where nude lip shades come in handy!

  • Always choose matte nude lip shades for lipsticks. Seal or set up with a setting powder or setting spray. For the long-lasting effects of lip balm, you can also powder using a setting powder or a setting spray.

Remember to set your face with a setting spray or a setting powder to make your makeup last while wearing a mask. You can play with makeup as you like but always remember to set that beautiful face!

No matter what,wear a mask and stay safe!

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