Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

Everyone is somewhere confused about what skincare routine to follow when it comes to winters. But do you think that skincare routine that helps in summers can work in winters too? Then, let us break that bubble of mistake! When it comes to a cold season, you need to have specific a winter skincare routine depending upon your skin type.

Let us check out some easy winter skincare routine.

1. Moisturise your skin

Winter makes the skin very unhappy. When you simply scratch it, you may see those ugly white patches. So, if you don’t want your skin to look lifeless and unpleasant then please do not forget to feed it some good moisturizer. Now, choosing a good moisturizer is necessary in winters that can keep your skin alive for an entire day. We would also suggest to ditch your normal lotions or creams for body butter. There are many brands offering body butters but we would suggest you to try the one with coco beans, coconut oil or essential oils and Aloe Vera if possible.

2. Lip Balm

Please glue a lip balm stick to your bag. Never forget to nourish your lips. Just imagine, you are out to meet your friends or anyone and you have to deal with the embarrassment of your chapped lips. It would be really very careless of you if you go out with chapped and cracked lips. So choose whichever brand you want depending upon your choice. Use the one with vitamin E oil in it if possible. That is what we would suggest. And if possible, sleep with coconut oil or almond oil rubbed upon your lips to wake up to a pretty soft lips.

3. Sacrifice Hot Water

Please don’t curse us for making you bathe in cold water. But warm water may give you a temporary relief from the winter, they are quite notorious with stealing all the moisture from your skin. That would do more harm than benefit. So, say goodbye to a hot shower if you can. And you are someone who cannot sacrifice this, then we suggest you to please add a few drops of oil in the hot bath that you use. This can help you to get the moisture to a small extent.

4. Foot Massage

Most ignored part alert! People love to take care of their face and hands. But what they forget is the simple fact that happy feet is also mandatory. So this winter do not forget to pamper your cracked heels and your rough foot. Provide proper moisturization. If possible we recommend you to sleep with petroleum jelly on your feet wrapped in a cozy socks. And also do not forget to clean the cuticles or they may cause infection. Apply oil onto the fingers and massage beneath too.

5. Hand Creams

In winters, you are highly recommended to have a hand cream with you. Hand cream can help you nourish your hands better than what normal moisturizers can do. Your palm, fingers and nails, all of them need equal attention. Thus, good hand cream is what we would suggest to you for this winter. Keep battling the cold with all the super cool creams so that your body is never unhappy.

These are the easy 5 winter skincare routines that we would suggest you to fight this cold season.

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