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work from home vs work from office 0

Work from Office VS Work from Home

From the daily hustle rushing for the office to waking up at a flexible time, we all survived the pandemic with the change in our work scenario. Covid has revolutionized work life. The new...

Indian wedding 0

5 Reasons to Never Miss an Indian Wedding!

Weddings are extraordinary affairs. In India, they are basically considered to be even filled with lots of small functions and the following fun and frolic. Due to the diversity of this country, the rituals...

valentines date ideas 1

5 Date Ideas for this Valentine’s Day

A date is never something to be taken lightly. A date can do wonders in a relationship. The time that we get together with the other person is very important. That time determines how...

new year gift 2

5 Unique New Year Gift Ideas for you

A new beginning is near the corner. After a dramatic and an unexpected 2020, all are really looking forward to 2021 with lots of hope and optimism. So, we thought of helping all those...

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