How to Disinfect your House?

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Wondering how to disinfect and sanities on your own? Confused about the methods and ways to do it? Then, it seems that you have stumbled upon the right place to find that out! This time of covid-19 has made it mandatory for all the people to keep their houses clean. But cleaning is not disinfecting! Understand the difference between the two. To disinfect your house means cleaning it using chemicals to kill the germs therein. Disinfecting your house is not sufficient, You need to do it with almost all the household items too!

Let’s see in detail how disinfecting your house isn’t that hard after all if you know some simple and easy things about it!

Hot Water to clean

Cleaning a surface with soap and hot water helps a lot to make the surface clean. This also kills a good amount of germs on the surface where you clean. Hot water can be used to clean the floor, shelves and tables. It can be also used to clean the slabs of kitchen and so on.

Bleach to clean !

Bleach is a great disinfectant and easily available too! Bleach solutions can work miracles with the disinfection. Bleach powder when diluted, can kill germs to a large level. While using bleach solution, ensure that it has not past its expiration date. When choosing a bleach, look for the sodium hypochlorite content in it. Bleach solutions can be very effective in nature.
If you want to clean water bodies, then a bleach solution helps a lot. But beware that you should not use much of it to it!

Cleaning softer places

Things like carpets, rugs, carpets, curtains etc. need special care for they can’t be cleaned harshly. They need a bit softer methods of cleaning a disinfecting. You can check with the quality of the products and then disinfect them. See if they are washable or not before cleaning. There are specified shampoos available for them exclusively.

Cleaning gadgets

Well, most of us forget this often. Why should you clean your gadgets? The answer is quite simple- gadgets are the most touched things by us. They are to be cleaned often than we think they should be! Try covering the gadgets like remote of TV, AC etc. with a cover that can be cleaned. Use disinfectant wipes or spray to clean them. Be it your phone case, screen, headphone or anything you use often, try cleaning it with wipes.

Cleaning washrooms

This is the common place that the whole of the house uses frequently. It requires proper disinfection for it can help the germs to spread fast. Washing it with good anti-septic liquid, diluted solution of bleach and more shall work. Hot water can be used to clean this. And the water drainer should be cleaned so that it doesn’t promote any unhygienic aura. The toilet seats needs proper disinfection on a regular basis. Use a mild acid that would not harm the toilet seat and its compound.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen needs to be cleaned often for it is where food comes from! After cooking wash the utensils rather than keeping them in sink with food particles for a longer time. Use a good cleaner for that. Washing plates with hot water is also good. Dust the floor with some baking soda if needed. And you may use good anti-germ floor washes to clean them


Use it often. It helps a lot to kill germs. It shall protect your hands and even if you might have unknowingly touched some dirty places, you need not worry. Try to use a sanitizer that has more of alcohol content in it so that it would be very effective than the normal one.

Try to keep all these points in mind when you want to clean and disinfect something. There are many things to keep in mind while using harsh chemicals to clean. If you find it hard to do it by yourself then why not seek our assistance? Check out us Wala Services.

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