Cake and Cream of Life: Ruby Rajagopal

Ruby Rajagopal

Success stories are always a treat to hear when it comes from the person who lived it. Stories have a beautiful tendency to inspire and aspire listeners. We, at Wala Services, believe that stories of entrepreneurs whom we would love to call as “Walapreneur” for their grit, determination to become something on their own using their knowledge and skills. Let us meet one of such person who had quite a marvelous journey so far. Say hello to our cake artist – Mrs. Ruby Rajagopal. Why don’t we read her journey? Here, we go, buckle up to read the fine extract from her incredible life.

Anecdote – Ruby Rajagopal

If you think that literature and baking have nothing in common then we beg you pardon! The story of this wonderful cake artist will change your mind for sure.
Ruby was an English professor at the college under Calicut University since 1996.
Things took a surprising turn 14 years later, with the arrival of her second little wonder, whom the world recognizes as “Little Chef Kicha“. Still, confused? Then let us clarify that he is the same young kid who got invited to ” The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Little Big Shots“. You did get who are we talking about, right? If not, then here is the little chef whom we are talking of- Chef Kicha.

Health issues made this mother of two resign from her lovely job as a professor. She got introduced to the world of baking when she baked a birthday cake for her son’s 4th birthday party. Since then, she had never stopped pursuing her passion that is now, her current profession. This can be defined as the beginning of her journey to be one of the finest cake artists in the town.

She found that she loved to bake and what she created was no less than a magic. Her passion got converted into her profession in no time. Maybe that is the reason that her Instagram account is known as “CakesMyPassion” and we cannot agree more!

Hurdles on the way

“Smooth sea doesn’t make good sailors”, do they? All find themselves in turmoil when they begin with something new. Ruby had her own hardships too. At the time when she began with her journey as a baker, 6 years back, trying to specialize with whipped cream cakes having sharp edges, it was hard. There weren’t many tutorials to learn from. She had to learn from her own mistakes and blunders. She was all about experimenting and discovering to rectify her art of baking.

Today, she has students from all over the nation who come to learn from this cake wonder woman. So, if you want to, you can book your classes with her too! (But you will have to wait a bit for her classes as they get booked fast)

Family, Friends and Work Balance

If you ask this cake artist about the support that she received from all, she cannot stop thanking her family and friends. If it wasn’t for her friends, she doesn’t think that she would have made this far. Word of mouth made her art famous in town. Her cakes came into limelight with the support of her friends who were the initial customers. And after that, there wasn’t any low curve in the success graph of this baker.

Finding a proper threshold between work and family is never easy. Especially, when you have to deal with baking workshops, baking cake on orders and managing a family. But this wonderful and inspiring baker loves challenges. She aims nothing but perfection. Trying to raise bars, she manages to stay updated with new trends in the town. Compromising over quality, taste and the presentation is never an option for her. If she cannot handle the number of orders, she politely passes it to her baker friends, quite helpful, isn’t it?

Cake by CakesMyPassion

Her advice to the young aspirants

When we asked her that what would she like to tip the young budding bakers in town, she gave us her valuable suggestion that follows.

Passion is the potion to success. Do not run in a rat’s race. I have noticed many who try to overdo things and end up in compromising the quality of their bakes. Baking is not less than any art. Your heart, soul, dedication, and love is what you need to invest in your artwork to make it beautiful. Always walk with new trends. Experiment and keep exploring. Patience is what you need as the most important ingredient in baking. Keep it slow, eventually, you will get there. Trust the process.

says Ruby Rajagopal
Cake and cupcakes by Ruby

You can contact her for wonderful baking classes. She can help you learn about whipped cream, ganache sharp edges, gum paste flowers and so on through her private workshops. Not only workshops, she is also all equipped to take orders and make your day more special. You can freely contact this lovely baker to order yummy cakes on your big day!

This was all about Ruby Rajagopal who made her own way in her life. She is living a life keeping her passion close to her heart.

If you liked her story, do let us know in the comments and if you think there are some other entrepreneurs whose story should reach the world, do tell us. (

Edited by Vishnu Peethambaran

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  1. Reshma says:

    Beautiful written and all rightly said about Ruby.

  2. Lisa Sreejith says:

    Very nice to see my dearest friend Ruby in well acknowledged position.
    Lost your contact .

    Lisa Sreejith NITC 9447203130

  3. Ralisa says:

    I wish to participate in the class. How can I?

    • Padma says:

      Hey there, Glad to know that you are interested in participating her class, you can contact her via her
      Instagram handle to know more in detail. Hope it helps you!

  4. Shameer says:

    Beautiful cakes comes from beautiful mind,

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