5 Tips to Wash a Silk Saree

tips to wash silk saree
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Silk sarees are every woman’s wardrobe essentials if she is a saree lover. But these costly sarees are very delicate and intricate. You cannot wash them harshly or in a washing machine directly. You need to be very careful, right? Let us tell you 5 tips to wash a silk saree.

1. No Washing Machine please

You might think that to wash your silk sarees, washing machines are a safer option but wait, don’t! Silk fabrics are very delicate and luxurious than you can imagine. So, to avoid the risk, it is better to wash it with your hands than put it in your machine. But if your machine has an option to wash delicate fabrics then you can definitely try it. It will be fine as the machine wash would be subtle. Else, do not go for a machine wash.

2. Shampoo Wash

Shampoo wash is advised to wash silk sarees. Shampoos are delicate when it comes to washing and cleaning. Do not use any sort of dish washes or harsh detergents on your delicate sarees. Shampoos are the best choices. Even baby shampoos can be used. They won’t harm the saree even a bit. Use shampoo to wash your silks, not dish liquid, woollen lite, or laundry detergent. Silks (and wool) are protein fibers, just like your hair, so use shampoo. Use cool to lukewarm water for you washing and cold water for your rinsing

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3. Cold Water

We would recommend cold water to wash all those costly and expensive silk sarees. DO NOT WASH IT WITH WARM WATER. This soft and feeble fabric won’t be able to take the harsh warm water wash. So always wash the silk fabrics with cool water or lukewarm water. Remember this when washing it.

4. Reetha Soap

The fruit is commonly known as Indian soapberry or Washnut, and like other species in the genus Sapindus, it is called soapberry. Soap nuts leave your clothes smelling naturally clean because they don’t have a scent, which is perfect for those who tend to react to heavy smells. Soap nuts also create only a few suds in comparison with conventional detergents, but don’t let that stop you – they’re still getting your clothes perfectly clean! They can act as natural detergents. Use them to clean the saree.

5. Never Bleach

NEVER BLEACH YOUR SAREE. We repeat this. If you got some stains on the saree then use vinegar. Vinegar is an good tool in removing tea and coffee stains from silk sarees. Mix half cup of white distilled vinegar with half cup of water. Put the saree on a flat surface and use the vinegar mixture with a sponge or clean cloth on the stained area. For mainly the stubborn coffee or tea stains, pure vinegar, rather than a diluted version, may be used. Another stubborn problem with silk sarees is the sweat stains. As soon as you come home after an event, use paper towels at the spots where there are sweat stains. After that, proceed to wash it with cold water by using baby shampoo.

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