6 Cool New Year Fashion Tips for Girls

Looking good doesn’t require any specific occasion. You can always look beautiful. SO, this 2021, do not forget to style up your look book with these fashion tips. You can try any of these ideas to look great as you step into 2021. So, these are the 6 Cool New Year Fashion Tips for Girls. These fashion tips can help you ace your style game.

1. Florals- the constants

Thinking of throwing the florals out of your wardrobe this year? Oh please wait, we think it needs a re-thinking. Florals are still in style. Be it huge floral designs in your saree, lehenga or be it the small floral prints in your maxi dress, florals are not leaving the limelight so easily. So, this new year, you can style your look with floral prints. Be it a small cute dress with a denim jacket, a floral top with casual jeans or a floral gown, all can make you look stylish.

2. Face Masks

Hey, style and safety is our motive, remember? So, we would like to suggest that without a mask do not step out. Keep your style statement intact with a mask on! And most popularly, we would suggest a black mask that goes well with almost all colour outfits. If you want to try something different then we will suggest you printed masks. They can really look cool given that they match your outfit. If no then please go with a basic black mask.

3. Hello Earthy tones!

Earthy tones are still trending FYI. If you think that you need to try something different then why not try an earthy tone? These tones are generally very sober in nature yet powerful enough to make a statement. If you want to try something different than the normal hues, then try some earthy tones this 2021.

4. Yellow Yellow not a dirty fellow

This year we are very confident with the color YELLOW. You can ace up your look with a simple small yellow clutch, Tote bag, satchel or a drawstring bag. All these bags can level up your fashion game. Yellow pops out and this really works well with your overall look. Try this lovely look and let us know how many compliments did you get, we are waiting!

5. Over-sized Coats

Coats are in trend right now. Especially the over-sized ones. You can also try them on saree! No, we aren’t kidding you! There are so many fashion influencers who showed us to pair up coats over a saree to look like a stylish diva. So, these coats can help you fight the cold and also help you look gorgeous, trust us!

style in 2021

6. Head scarfs

In 2021, we can see a lot of fancy head scarfs making headlines. If you don’t have any then do not worry. You can happily use your normal scarfs with some hacks and turn them to lovely hair scarfs. And you can also make some super cool scarfs with the fabrics that you have in hand. Scarfs make you look funky and noticeable. So girls if you want some attention, grab that head scarf and let the world fall in love with your style!

These are some of our fashion tips as your step into 2021. Liked it? Let us know and Happy New Year from Wala Family!

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