5 Cool Dressing Tips for Guys on this Valentine’s Day

dressing tips for guys

Guys don’t care about their looks, is it so? We strongly rebel! Even guys love to look good and dress well. Aren’t we right guys? So, this valentine’s day, we thought of putting together some very easy yet stylish looks for men while they prepare themselves to propose their loved ones! You take care of the plans, and we tell you how to dress up! Deal? Let’s jump into our list of dressing tips for guys.

1. Formals

Many don’t support this idea of wearing formals. But we do. Formals can make you look great. But we suggest that you keep it semi-formal. Because at the end of the day you are not going to have a meeting with your lover but to spend some quality time with them. Also, rolled oversleeves look lovely. That is a small tip to ace the formal look without making it look too formal. Also, avoid ties and shirts that give out corporate vibes. Remember, we just approve formals, we don’t suggest it though!

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2. Jackets

A warm shade T-shirt and a peppy jacket on it can make you look stylish instantly. Also, try on some sneakers or shoes that might add to the look. We also suggest some wonderful Denim Jackets to flaunt your fit body(or to hide if you feel that the flabby part doesn’t look cool!) Jackets can never make you look out of style. You can go for darker shades if your inner T-shirt is a lighter one. Try the contrast theory. Do not make it weird by wearing all of same hues.

3. Good T-shirts

Good T-shirts? how can even that be a suggestion? Is this what you are thinking right now? Then, Let us tell you that not all T-shirts from your wardrobe qualify under the category of something that can be approved for a valentine’s day. So by the term good T-shirt, we mean a stripped one perhaps that can be paired with a blazer. We also support the dark toned one with full sleeves. Please avoid colors land huge prints on it. It is not a picnic, remember that guys!

4. Neutral Sweaters

Now for the people who love calm colors like earthy tones, can go for it without a doubt. All the earthy tones can make you look very handsome. You can opt for a vintage look. We suggest you a chic casual look with black jeans, a neutral sweater and brown shoes with a touch of vintage. You will be the highlight of the day if your better half dresses low thinking that you can never ace the style game. Just surprise them and let us know if we helped you in the mission. (We will keep it a secret! Don’t worry!)

5. Go All Black!

Now, this sections is dedicated to all those who still have no idea about what to wear on this day. Go black. Yes, you heart it right. Black makes anyone look stylish in fractions of time. You don’t have to think much about what goes well with what. Grab on the black jean and shirt or T-shirt, then if you have a pair of black shoes then, you are done for the day!

Did we help you, folks? Tell us and let us know what you think about this list of top 5 dressing tips for guys or we do have more to improve!

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