Is Saree an Office Wear?

is saree an office wear
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When it comes to formal wear, we think that sarees come last in this race. But FYI, Andrew Ramroop, one of the world’s most famous tailors believes that saree could be the most commanding formal wear. But, Is saree an office wear?

One can look most amazing in a saree. So, to all those pretty working ladies out there, a saree is not a bad choice while going to an important meeting. Let us see if we can answer more on, is saree an office wear, what and how things are with wearing a saree to the office.

1. Cotton Saree

Whenever you are wearing a saree to work, we strongly suggest that you go for a very simple and stylish cotton saree. Cotton is very light in weight and it gives a professional look too. Saree is never something indecent to not wear in a workplace. There are certain notions that saree isn’t professional enough, but no, it is not so. A good cotton saree, well-draped can give any woman a bossy look.

2. No works/embroidery

Do not seek attention with large borders or heavy embroidery. You are going to the office, remember? Keep it simple and stylish. So not make it a festive look when you go to the office. Always go for a simple yet subtle look. Please do not make yourself a laughing stock by wearing heavy and large bordered sarees to the office. While bold prints get bad stares, the medium-size work best to spruce up your appearance. The small motifs, in floral, geometric or abstract appear nice and make you look thinner than you are.

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Colour matters. Colour matters a lot. Can you imagine someone wandering in the office wearing a poppy pink or yellow colour? No, right? So, be sensible enough to choose the colour that suits you. Keep earthy tones in your saree collections. Wear them. Do not go for the colours that would make you stand out. Remember this- When dressing up for the office, the motto should be to blend in never to stand out! And always follow this mantra. Go for solid colours. They can make you elegant and smart.


While choosing the design of your blouse, be sensible. The boat neck with good sleeves is recommended. Do not wear anything that looks indecent or breaks the protocol. Do not add any dazzles or knots. Keep the neck high and back covered. Wear good and simple designs. Always simple designs win that something heavy. So keep the blouse design always simple yet elegant.

5. Accessories

When it comes to accessories, many make blunders. Remember this simple thing, you don’t wear heavy jewelries to office. You should always keep it very basic. Do not go for shiny or sparkly things. Try to keep it as minimal as possible. Do not overdo. Always try to wear a simple ear stud, go for a very thin chain with a small pendant and finally add it with a good watch. Do not forget your watch.

What do you think can be added? Do let us know in the comment section so that we can improve using them!

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  1. February 25, 2021

    […] You draped a beautiful saree well and crisp. You even wore good and matching accessories. But what if your hair is not good enough to go with the look? whole looks goes in vain, right? Choosing a good hairdo is very necessary when you wear a saree. Choosing a proper hair accessory is also relevant. You can even go with free hair if you have a statement Mangteeka. Also you can go for messy bus or sleek ones as your look demands. Do care about this as this is very important.Read more: Is Saree an Office Wear? […]

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