Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins

Hindu weddings with the bridesmaid concept have been recently installed due to the influence of other weddings. So when choosing the cousin code for Hindu weddings, you have to go for entirely traditional ones. Traditional outfits need the cousin code to be traditional too. Let us see some popular Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins.

1. Kerala Saree

Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins
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A traditional Kerala saree can never go out of style. You can always experiment with this attire. There are a variety of ways to style a Kasavu Saree. You can pair it with similar kinds of blouse designs to rock the bridesmaids look. You can also go for a velvet blouse pattern with similarities. This is really a cool and easy way to look pretty and coordinated.

2. Light shade Silk Saree

Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins
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While working on the cousin code, you can try lighter shades of silk saree to give the bride all the deserved attention. This would really look cool when all have draped a similar pattern of silk saree. It would instantly give the squad a royal and majestic look. We are in awe of the look in the picture. You can easily choose a light peach or yellow or even shades of pastel as a code. Minimal codes are also lovely and majestic.

3. Identical Code

Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins
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You can signup for this beautiful trend of solid colour code. You need to choose a primary colour and almost all should go for a similar blouse design. This shall look really wonderful. So, you can go for this trend as a cousin code. This is quite economical too if you don’t want to spend extra money on the attire. Spend less and look ravishing! You can even opt for something like ombre shades in the saree code. Ombre means a gradual blend of color from top to bottom. Even that would stand out.

4. Blend with bride

Kerala Hindu Wedding Dress Code for Cousins
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Try to blend in with the shade that your bride chooses. Remember that your tribe should match your vibe. This is the basic mantra of a simple yet perfect cousin/bridesmaid code. The whole idea is to stand out with your bride in a complementary way. You need to support the bride by wearing something that she likes. You can go for a detailed discussion with the bride before choosing this. The bridal dress can outstand in this case if the fellow bridesmaids go for something that is lighter than heavy attire. If the bide chooses something shimmery and embellished then you should go for something without that in order for her to look special.

5. Lehenga Love

Wedding Dress Code for Cousins
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You can simply go for a lehenga to add your bridesmaid/cousin-code goals. Lehengas are amazingly powerful to enhance the look. You can go for lehengas that would not overshadow the bride’s lehenga. Go for light, less embellished ones if you don’t like heavy lehengas. They can really help you ace the look. You can also go for BANARSI LEHENGA.

These are the suggestions that we would like to give for kerala hindu wedding dress code for cousins. Tell us in the comment section if you liked reading us.

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