Minimal Indian bridal makeup

Marriage is mostly grand and loud. But as people are setting trends, there are private ceremonies happening all around with minimal and subtle settings. And even brides are ditching the old and saggy heavy look with a minimal chic look. People are going for simple looks than something loud and heavy. Let us look at these points of Minimal Indian bridal makeup that we found adorable.

1. Nude Lipshade

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Red, Dark pink and Maroon shades are the all-time seen shades among the Indian brides. But are they minimal? No! So, you ace the minimal bridal look, you can switch on to some ravishing nude shades. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about the wonderful nude shades that would go very well with the pastel lehenga or some minimal lehenga. Remember that the minimal shades are also pretty. You don’t have to be always loud to look pretty.

2. Dewy Look/Nude Makeup with a highlighter

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To ace, the minimalist look, do not overdo the base foundation on your skin. Foundation should be the bare minimum and look like a part of your skin. It should not stand out but blend in;. A small sheet of hydrating water-based tinted moisturiser or CC cream with a tad bit of shimmer will do the deal. You should use a one shade lighter dewy concealer to cover pimples, dark circles and other discolorations. You can set this with a thin layer of setting spray for the melting, dewy glow.  And also, if you want to go for a nude makeup with lots of highlighters.

3. Just the eyes speak

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If you want to highlight just the eyes then that is a safe option too. You can work on the eyes and keep all the other portions minimal. This will make the eyes stand out. If you think your eyes are the most beautiful feature then you should go for that. If you don’t think likewise then you can keep it minima too. Just a simple winged eyeliner would do the job.

Eyeshadows coordinating your wedding attire is big no. Pick the colour off from the embroidery or embellishments on the outfit and pair a light smokey-brown shade rather than black kohls for an overall subtle look.

4. Minimal Hairdo

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With minimal hairdos , we mean something like a loose curls, fish-braids with flowers tucked inside them and so on. If you feel like you need a simple hair style then you cab try loose curls and braids. You may also try some messy hair buns with flowers or head accessories tucked into them. They would simply raise the look of the day. You van also go for a sleek hair bun if you want to.

5. Minimal NailArt

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We have seen many brides doing the simple yet noticeable mistake of overdoing their nails. They extend them and apply weird colors on them. Please do not commit this huge blunder. If you want too keep the look minimal, the nail art would be also included in that. You can simple go with a nude shade or a French manicure part. You don’t need to go for poppy colors that would stand out. Always remember the mantra- blend in not stand out with the makeup!

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