Types of Sarees to Wear at a Party

sarees to wear at a party
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Even if your wardrobe is full of sarees, when it comes to choosing one when going out to a party, you get confused, right? So, to help you choose one when you are confused, we are here. We have chosen some of the finest options you would like to try on. Let us jump on to the list of sarees to wear at a party!

1. Ruffle sarees

For those who don’t know what a ruffle saree is, it is- A ruffled or a frill saree is the one that has a ruffled detailing on the borders of the saree thereby creating a dramatic silhouette. Ruffles sarees look simple and very unique. They help to make a difference. It gives you a very noticeable light at a party. Also, it is very easy to drape this trendy style. They are available in various colours and patterns. Solid colours, florals, net sarees and many more. Choose the colour that blends well with the party theme.

2. Net sarees

A net saree is a see through saree that can ace up your look. If you like to flaunt your skin then this is the perfect choice. Paired up with good accessories , this saree can lift your entire look. And since this would be a see through saree, wear it with confidence as it would expose your skin. If you are uncomfortable to show your skin, do not wear it. This attire needs your confidence. Do carry it with lots of grace and be the star of the night!

3. Pastel Hues

Not a fan of bold and solid colours? Then You should try some subtle pastel hues. They are very beautiful if you pair them with contrasting belts and accessories. Yes, belts can add lots of drama to a saree look. You don’t have to be amazed when we say a belt! Yes, the belt blends in well with a saree. So, you can choose a soothing pastel shade yet stand out from the crowd with the minute details that you can add.

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4. Satin Saree

Satin saree gives a very beautiful charm. They are flowy and can stick to your body tightly. They enhance your shape very well. A satin saree would be a very graceful drape for a night party. It would make you look sleek and chic. You can add a shimmery blouse to upgrade the look. Also, go for a grand earring to complete the look. The plain satin is enough to make you look stunning at a party! Do keep one in your wardrobe for an economical choice. They are stylish and not costly, that is cool, right?

5. Black/Maroon/Blue

Black makes all look beautiful. Colors like black, maroon, blue can make you loo very pretty as these colors blend in very well with almost all skin types. These colors can be very elegant. You don’t need to add much with them. The color enhances the entire look. With black /maroon/blue, you can experiment too if you want to. These colored sarees are mandatory in your wardrobe since they can easily make you look party-ready without much efforts. Just put on some heels, and curl your hair, you are good to go!

What did we miss here? Would you like to add something more to this list of sarees to wear at a party? Do let us know in the comment section.

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