Scarfs in Winter

Scarfs never age, do they? But if you do not experiment with them, your style becomes boring and repetitive. So, this winter why not style your scarfs in different ways so that you can get a fashionable look! This winter season, try these styles of scarfs in winter. Just try out these styles and see how does it upgrade your look. This winter, do not settle for anything else. Go and make a statement!

1. Simple Bow

The bow is an easy way to style your scarf. This seems a bit complicated but is the simplest of all. Just pair this up with any jeans or cardigan. If you want to be different, the bow is an attractive and stylish way you can wear your scarf. This style is pretty simple, but sound suited to long rectangular scarves. This is quite similar to the bow tie that we do on the hair.

2. Blanket Scarf

In this kind of scarf styling, you use a huge scarf. And the scarf should be square in shape because only then you can style it like this. The scarf is folded from the centre diagonally. And then you can wrap it around to get a wonderful look. This is called a square blanket scarf.  This square blanket scarf should go well with your winter collection, one of the ways to wear a scarf on head, plus it’s super simple to wear.

3. Easy Wrap/ Muffler

In this, you make use of a long scarf. Go for a scarf that is a rectangle. And this is the most simple way to style your scarf. Probably one of the most fashionable ways to tie your scarf. It is super simple yet very cute. If you have a sheer and soft scarf material to work with, this trick is perfect.

4. Classic Loop

This is probably the easiest and simplest way to wear a scarf around your neck other than simply throwing a scarf around it. Be it any celebrity or a fashionista, all love this equally. We can see why celebrities, men and women alike, wear their scarf the European way. It’s pretty cool and wear it to the centre or off to one side as one of the ways to wear a scarf as a shawl as you desire.

4. Loop and a Twist

Celebrities may dress the European loop, but it can get tedious sometimes. Giving it a little tweak will unquestionably move things up. It’s tolerably handy to know how to wear a winter scarf in the classic European way. From this technique, you can easily learn a few more tweaks. Instead of a bulky loop to your front, you get a stylish and artsy pattern in the tradition of a pretty knot.

5. Layering over the top

This winter, buy a scarf that can be layered. It should be huge in the length and breadth, Cover it over the top that you wear. And then wear it as a drape over it. Simple, stylish and chic!

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