South Indian Wedding Saree Ideas

When it comes to the South Indian weddings, the bridal dress becomes rich with the fabric and the the silk threads in it. South weddings are known for their magic with silk sarees. But what if there are some beautiful twists in it? Let us see some of our South Indian wedding saree looks that you can try on!

1. Veil and Silk

Generally, people have assumed that South Indian brides can’t ace the look with veils. But we think differently. You have to change your mind after seeing this beautiful bride. A sheer veil paired up with a subtle pastel hue saree made the look perfect. Also, the minimal hair and makeup is also bang on! We would suggest that to try a variety, you can pair up a beautiful veil with a silk saree.

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2. Pastel shades

Mainly, all the silk sarees that the brides wear are popping shades. Royal blue, Ruby red and Pinks shades being the main in them. But as the trend is changing, brides are opting for pastel hues. Pastel shades with minimal makeup is the new perfect look. So, to make your look perfect, we suggest you go with some pink, peach or lavender shades. They look more elegant and calming.

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3. Huge Borders

Nowadays, silk sarees with huge borders are in trend. They give your saree a very rick look. They are generally seen with poppy coloured sarees. Rich red, Green, blue shades are the commonly seen ones. The borders are majorly seen in golden colour. And due to this, the saree gets a very royal look.

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4. Golden Color/Detailed blouse

Golden sarees are never out of trend. There are a lot of fashion influencers who made it very clear that golden shade can never be a flop. Also, many stars like Samantha Akkineni, Deepika Padukone and many more have chosen the Golden saree on their big day. And we don’t doubt their choices. Go for a contrast blouse and see how beautiful your look turns out to be. The blouse can be either of a very contrast shade or richly embroidered. Both shall look great with a silk saree.

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5. Classic Red

When it comes to south Indian brides, red colour can never go out of fashion. It is always in trend. It can always make one look beautiful. Also, the blouse designs of such sarees get a lot of attention. So, do not hesitate if red is your colour. It might be common but never out of fashion. You can go for a dark red or a maroon shade, or even the lighter and poppier version of the red.

These are our suggestions on South Indian wedding saree ideas. Tell us if we missed out on anything! Do tell your valuable suggestions below in the comment section so that we can improve ourselves. Also if you like to read more-

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