Things to think before Draping a Saree

draping saree

Draping a saree is a very intricate art. There are many Do’s and Don’t s while draping a saree. So, these are the things you should look out for when you plan to wear a saree. These are some tips that we want to suggest to you. Let us read further to know more.

1. Heels before draping a saree

Many do this mistake. They think that heels can be worn after draping a saree. But no, that is not the right way. You should wear your heels before you drape the saree or else you would look really weird with the height difference of the drape that you have done. Heels should be mostly pointed heels. Do not go for wedge heels as they look too crowded with a saree. Always remember that a saree should be worn with a pointed heel than platforms or wedges.

2. Body type and draping style

All women are of very different body types. Some are short while some are tall. Also, some women have an hour-glass shape while others have different kind of body shape. Each body type has a specific style that would suit them. So choose that peculiar style rather than going for something that would make you look shabby.

3. Pin up the saree game

Use as much as pins you want to if they make you confident. Draping saree in not an easy task. So, as a newbie there are chances that you may have to pin it up at many places because you may not be comfortable with the secured tucking up of it. You can use as much as pins you want to but do not let it show to the outer world.

4. Blouse style

Everyone have their own fashion preferences. But when it comes to a saree, the design of blouses matter. The sleeves of the blouse, the neck of the blouse, even the back slits of the blouse matter. Saree is a very elegant attire. We suggest that even if you do not go for much wide or broad designs, you will look stunning. Respecting this 6 yards of elegance is mandatory in our point of view. Looking stylish is required but do not compromise it with the grace of this attire.

5. Proper underskirts and accessories

There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to underskirts. Nowadays the olden styled underskirts are being replaced by the fish-cut styled underskirts. They give better shape while you drape a saree. You can try them instead of the old and traditional ways of the long and heavy underskirts.
Keep minimal jewellery. Do not overdo it as it would make you look weird for the occasion. Remember that too many accessories can make your look go dull. You might look overdressed for the occasion. So choose the accessories wisely.

These are some tips that we would suggest while draping a saree. If you think we can add to these then do let us know them in the comment section.

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