What should I Wear with Saree?

After draping a saree, the most common query among the women is about what to wear with it. All get stuck with this query. Should I go for something lighter or heavier? Should I go for a beautiful choker? Or can I just go with an bare neck and just a good heavy earring?

We are happy to help you! Keep reading to know what would we suggest.

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1. Statement Earring

If you go with a very simple, and workless saree and blouse then you should preferably go with a heavy earring. Statement earrings can really enhance your look. When you plan to attend some wedding events or some festive events, you can try this look. Go for a simple and plain saree look. Chandbalis, oxidized earrings and many more can make you look really lovely!

2. Clutches

Clutch is something very trendy these days. Even a small cloth clutch is good to go with a saree. We all have mobile phones and maybe even car keys, and holding these in your hand looks shabby and messy. Choose a bling clutch which will make a bold statement. Contrast colors will work well if the saree body is plain. The traditional “Potla” also looks good when combined with a classic Kachipuram saree. Do not go with something that is huge and cannot be held withing your hand. You can also try some simple, small bags with chain along to use it as a sling bag.

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3. Choker

choker is a style of necklace. As you have seen it is worn around the neck, touching the skin, rather than longer necklaces which dangle. Choker is a very beautiful piece to enhance your attire. When it is a blouse with a deep neck design, choker would suit it better. You can go for a heavy choker and a simple earring to keep the look minimal and stylish. Choker can be of many types. They can be heavy and light. If your saree is a heavy one then go for something as light choker. If your saree is of a pastel hue, go for a contrast choker to match it. Contrast chokers are very stylish when it comes to looks.

4. Brooches

Holding the pallu and the pleats of your saree in place has been a challenge for every woman who has ever worn a saree, right girls? What is the solution to this problem?
An easy way to keep your saree in place and hide the highly unfashionable safety pins is by using a brooch. There are special brooches available for pallus and pleats. Traditional Jhoomers also look fabulous and make you look more chic. If you don’t have a good brooch then you can go for a heavy pendant set you have with you.

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5. Hair styles

You draped a beautiful saree well and crisp. You even wore good and matching accessories. But what if your hair is not good enough to go with the look? whole looks goes in vain, right? Choosing a good hairdo is very necessary when you wear a saree. Choosing a proper hair accessory is also relevant. You can even go with free hair if you have a statement Mangteeka. Also you can go for messy bus or sleek ones as your look demands. Do care about this as this is very important.

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    […] Not a fan of bold and solid colours? Then You should try some subtle pastel hues. They are very beautiful if you pair them with contrasting belts and accessories. Yes, belts can add lots of drama to a saree look. You don’t have to be amazed when we say a belt! Yes, the belt blends in well with a saree. So, you can choose a soothing pastel shade yet stand out from the crowd with the minute details that you can add. Read More: What should I Wear with Saree? […]

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