9 Awesome Benefits of yoga

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Yoga is an ancient practice of many physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines. Till today many practices this for the overall betterment of their health. Yoga has many benefits. But if not done properly, it can harm your health too. There are many benefits of yoga. Practice yoga under the supervision of a tutor or else it can have side effects too! Yoga is a class of exercise in which you move your body into different points in order to become more healthy or flexible, to enhance your breathing, and to ease your mind. Here are some benefits of yoga.


1. Reduces body pain

Yoga helps to decrease pain. This is a major benefit of yoga. This helps to deal with many chronic pains. Neck pain, arthritis, autoimmune disorder and many more can be diluted with yoga. Many types of research proved that yoga can help to reduce joint pain if practiced regularly and properly. This is a regular practice than something that is done monthly! This also reduces anxiety and depression among people who regularly do this.

2. Helps with emotional turmoil

Yoga helps us to fight with extreme emotions. It helps you to control anger and anxiety. It helps to transform our attitude towards certain situations. This calms down the nervous system and our mind. Thus, our attitude changes and we feel less of anger and other extreme emotions. Practicing yoga helps to deal with the bad phase of life in a better way as we have a better command over our minds.

3. helps to reduce medicine intake

Studies have shown that yoga can help one to reduce the medicine intake by making health better. Asthma, blood pressure, high obesity etc. are some basic diseases that can be diluted with yoga. When overall health improves, many diseases can be seen getting vanished.

4. Reduces digestive problems

Yoga can help to decrease many digestive related problems. Constipation being the main one, this can help in reducing many such problems. Stress causes many such problems. This reduces stress so that we automatically get a relief from digestive issues. This helps with the bowel movements. And hence it can ease any constipation related troubles.

5. provides better immunity

Doing various yoga poses can help to increase one’s immunity. When we have better immunity, automatically the body prevents more diseases. And the range of getting sick gets narrow! Many practice yoga to increase their immunity so as to keep their body fit and strong!

6. helps to get proper sleep

Doing yoga regularly helps to attain proper sleep. Lack of sleep is seen commonly seen among people. Yoga can help with this. Savasana, Pranayama, etc helps the body relax and keep the mind calm, composed resulting in better sleep routines.

7. reduces depression

Depression can be decreased to a huge level by yoga. Studies prove that practicing yoga can make one happy and cheerful. It helps to tackle sadness. At the University of Wisconsin, Richard Davidson, Ph.D., found that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in meditators. A finding that has been correlated with greater levels of happiness and better immune function. It keeps one happy and calm.

8. helps in fixing posture

Body posture plays a major role in the overall health. If the posture is not proper then there are more chances of having body pain and so on. Neck pain, arthritis are common in many due to this. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, many suffer from poor body postures. So, this can be cured by yoga.

9. provides better flexibility

The most common benefit claimed by many people is this. Yoga helps to make the body better with its flexibility. The body becomes more flexible after practicing yoga on a regular basis. Flexibility can be seen within a few days of proper practice. Yoga improves body shape and posture.

Hence, yoga can help you to improve your health along with a mental rejuvenation. It can help you to overcome stress, anxiety, and tension. Yoga can change your life. But it is important to start under a good tutor and then practice by yourself. The asanas are to be learned precisely. Check Wala services. out if you need a professional trainer right at your home.

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