7 Healthy Food to Eat in Winter [Indian Style]

Healthy food in Winter

Winter always boosts your hunger. And you often end up having unhealthy food to meet those little cravings you get. So, we are here with some super cool healthy food in winter that would meet your hunger. But these would not increase your calories or make you obese. Therefore, try out this healthy food and let us know if it worked for your winter hunger.

1. Sweet Potatoes

Winter calls in for food that can keep you energized all day long. Sweet Potatoes are a great source of energy, so you can choose this. Make dishes that have sweet potatoes or any underground veggies in it. And you are good to go. Either you can have the mashed boiled potato or you can go for the simple baked version. You can even try having this stuffed in parathas for a better taste.

Roasted Sweetpotato

2. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits can help you fight hunger fast. You can have them at regular intervals instead of having fried snacks. This would help you stay healthy and fit. Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Walnuts and many more can happily stay with you to help you get a filled stomach. This would decrease your hunger too. You would not end up eating more as you remain filled.

3. Peas Tikki

Elude aloo tikka or bread cutlet by making use of winter-special green peas. Grind boiled peas and blend with cashews flour or almond flour. Combine other ingredients and mould the dough into round cutlets. Bake them or cook them in little oil on a pan to make it less oily. So, this is a healthy option. Have it with mint chutney.

Peas Tikki

4. Carrot/ Beetroot Chips

This is a guilt-free snack that not many know of! Just wash, peel and cut carrots and beetroots into thin discs. Then sprinkle salt and pepper onto these discs. You can shallow fry them in olive oil or rice-bran oil. If you want, you can bake them too. These are very satisfying snacks.

5. Gond Ke Laddu

It is one of the most traditional delicacies appreciated in the winter. Gond is an appetising gum selected from the bark of a tree and generates so much heat that it is usually eaten only in winter. Components such as Gond, wheat flour, sugar, ghee, melon seeds, almonds, and cardamom are mixed well and made into laddus.

6. Til Ke Laddu

Til ke laddu is tied with unsaturated fats. It can lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. However, if you are diabetic, do consult your doctor before devouring these too much, as the jaggery in it can boost sugar levels. The two essential ingredients of these laddus are til (sesame seeds) and Gud (jaggery) both of which are very beneficial for preserving you warm from inside during winters.

7. Chikki

The groundnut chikki is known to lower bad cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing coronary artery disease and strokes by favouring a healthy blood lipid profile. Peanuts in chikki are packed with monounsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases. Chikki is the classic mixture of crunchy peanuts and jaggery. Winter is the best time to eat on these delicious bite-sized sweets. Peanuts have a warm effect on the body and along with jaggery, give you an immediate power boost that will gratify your hunger as well.


These are some of the food to try in winter. Do try them.

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