5 Tips On How To Prepare For Teaching Online

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As the world got hit by a deadly virus, almost all things changed and adapted as per the new normal things of the world. Going to educational institutions is one of the major ones in it. But we would want to remind you that online class can never replace the personal experience that one gets with human to human interaction. Let us see how can we improve the overall quality of the online teaching sessions.

1. Prepare and Plan

Remember one thing for sure, this is not going to be easy. When you teach online, there are chances that many things can go wrong. Starting from the network issue to the electricity issue. So, do not waste time and properly plan and prepare before you teach. In online class, there are more chances of students/listeners being distracted. So, to keep them engaged in what you say, plan and prepare well. Do not simple talk around the topic without much preparation thinking that it is just an online class where you do not have to actually interact with the pupils.

2. Interact with the listeners

You should admit the fact that the listeners would be easily distracted since they are at home. They would use all the feasible things available to them. They might have just woken up, or might be eating while listening to you. Keep on asking them for the things that are clear to them. Keep on asking them questions. Make them reply to you in the chat window of the meeting. Let this be a frequent thing to do. Ensure that they are listening and answering. Give them breaks when needed.

3. Prepare And Master Technology

When you teach online, you have to know all the loopholes of it. You cannot simply start to teach online without knowing the things about it. You will have to choose a particular platform and practise well before teaching. This reduces the chance to getting fooled by the technically advanced pupils. Or even if any issue comes, you can help them resolve it. So, you cannot sit back thinking that you do not need much technical knowledge to teah online.

 4. Working Environment

Working from home(in general) is the next challenge. Without the ideal environment and a good amount of self-discipline, work from home can become a horror. Including a little planning, this can be circumvented. Firstly, set up a workspace where you shall work. If feasible, this space should be designated for work only. You want this space to be friendly and inviting, but also support productive work habits. Always keep your work background free of disturbances like television, other family members, or household chores. Ensure that the network is sound and you are clearly visible from where you work.

5. Ask for feedback

The online class is a new concept. So, there are chances that the students might feel this a bit overwhelming. They may have troubles understanding things in a new way. Reach out to them. Make them feel that you are always there to help them. Ask for regular feedback. And ask them how they want the class to be. Make them talk. Make them tell suggestions. Ask for helpful advice and ideas from them. Plan some fun activities for them. Try to make the class interactive and interesting. Do not make them bored with a monotonous way of communication.

These are some of the ways that we think would help anyone to teach online better. Tell us in the comment section some other ways that you can think of!

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