How to start a Company Like Urban Company In 2022

Urban Company / UrbanClap is one of the platforms that connects with the customers and professional startups, small business doorstep service providers. In this, customers can search the services based on location, budget, and service providers can list out their services, budget, and locations so that users can easily find the services in nearby areas. This is the best way that any small business can reach their potential customers through popular applications and reach with the local audience by showing their services online.

What is the Urban Company / UrbanClap App?

Urban Company / UrbanClap app is one of India’s and UAE’s biggest at-home services providers. It is a one-stop solution platform for various at-home services. The app can be used to hire blue-collar professionals for almost all doorstep-home services, from beauticians to carpet cleaners, carpenters, disinfection services, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Urban Company allows customers to connect with skilled and experienced professionals for doorstep services. The users can start using the app either by just signing in, but if a professional wants to be listed on the app, they have to undergo an intensive training module, to list their service on the platform. Moreover, the platform uses its advanced match-making AI technologies to search for the nearest professional who matches the user’s requirements and is available at the given date and time just like “Uber” and “Swiggy”.

Urban Company received its initial seed investment from ACCEL and SAIF. Now, Urban Company tries to expand itself internationally. Therefore, the company has changed its name from ‘UrbanClap’ to ‘Urban Company’, to give the name a universal acceptance.

About Urban Company / UrbanClap

  • Founders: Varun Khaitan, Abhiraj Bhal, Raghav Chandra
  • CEO: Abhiraj Bhal
  • Founding Year: since 2014
  • Headquarter: Gurugram
  • Number of Users: 3 Million
  • Subsidiaries: Handy Home Solutions, Good service Labs
  • Valuation: Over $1000 Million
  • Last Funding: $74 million (Series E funding)
  • Number of vendors: 40,000
  • Daily Customer Request: 5000

How much does it cost to develop an app like Urban Company / UrbanClap in 2022?

Developing an app like UrbanClap / Urban Company will cost around $25,000 to $30,000 ie 2.4 Lakh Rs for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionalities. If you are looking for an app like Urban clap with all the advanced features that can run on multiple platforms then the development cost would increase up to $60,000 ie Rs 5,00,000

The cost also depends on the company you choose

  • Small Company costs are from 10$ to 40$ per hour
  • A medium-sized company costs 40$to 100$ per hour hour
  • a large enterprise like TCS costs you from 100$ to 150$ per hour

The hour depends on how many Functionalities you need.

If you need such an application it is always better to not pour your hard-earned money into an IT company. Instead, you can contact us and rent an app from us for just prices starting from 10,000Rs only.

You can test the app in the market and then later invest in building your own app. you get a partner app to add vendors, an owner app as a dashboard, and a customer app to list your services.

UrbanClap App Business & Revenue Model

Just like any other aggregator app Urban Company earns its revenue by commission. They take a commission from the works they give to partners (vendors) (around 20-25%). They also charge an amount starting from 10,000 as registration fees. The tee-shirts and machines are charged extra.

There are other services like photography and events for which they charge an amount per lead to the vendors.

The more work UC does the more amount they earn.

Key Features of Urban Company Apps.

Customer App Feature

  • Simple Registration
  • Login With Social Media (FB, Google, Email)
  • Data Security and Safety
  • Design User Friendly UI/UX Interface
  • Use Advanced Search Filter
  • Provide Multiple Payment Options
  • Add Service Feedback
  • Keep History Of Works Which customer Posted
  • Provide View of local vendor’s Details
  • Chat & Quote History With local vendors
  • In-App Chat With local vendors
  • Keep Payment History

Partner app’s Feature of Urban Company

  • Fast & Simple Login /Registration Feature
  • Chat With A Customer
  • Add service charges based on Hourly, fixed, and experienced base quotes.
  • Set Availability and Service Times
  • Reply to customer reviews/feedback.
  • Show Work History & Payment History
  • Keep GPS Location Tracking

Admin App’s Features

  • Full Admin Control Panel
  • View Locations Of clients and local Vendors
  • Advance CMS and CRM system
  • Record Management System For vendors and customers
  • Backup and Restore Facility
  • maintaining Work Records, Billing, and Payment History
  • Cloud Hosting system
  • Accounts and Taxation Part
  • Globally Access
  • Set Ads and Promotions
  • Check the Sales Analytics
  • Notification Control From the Back End
  • Price and Subscription Plan Management

Benefits of Local Service Provider apps

An application like Urban Company has various benefits such as,

— Target local audience marketplace

Doorstep service provider apps like Urban Company target the local customers and give prompt and beneficial services to the local customers. This type of application full fills the Clients’ demand on time and gives fruitful benefit to the local service providers

— Provide Customised and Prompt service

Doorstep service provider app offers more customized services to their customers. It helps them to create loyal service providers and also helps the consumer by attending to the consumer’s problem without any delay.

— More flexible

Doorstep vendors deliver quality services to the clients and make a stronger relationships for future endeavors. This app provides an opportunity to receive highly profitable services from their customers and gain money with the services.

— Build Customer Base

This app helps the doorstep vendors to build a great network with the consumers by providing amazing services so that consumer refers their services to their friends and families.

Top 10 Companies like ‘Urban Company’

There are many on-demand doorstep service apps similar to Urban Company and have been developed worldwide, These apps provide on-demand services and generate good revenue online. These apps are popular and successfully doing business. Take a look, we have defined with countries wise.

1. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit app provides on-demand home services like plumbing, deep cleaning, carpentry, sofa & carpet cleaning, pest control, and other more services.

2. Zimmber

They provide home services such as house cleaning, Furniture assembly, television repair, moving, delivery, and handyman work.

3. House Joy

They provide the best services such as carpenters, House maintenance, maids, and repairing staff.

4. Help bit

They are the platform that provides electronics repair, home services, beauty & many more.

5. Bro 4u

They are one of the fastest-growing on-demand marketplaces. You can hire for repair & Maintenance, Services, etc.

6. Helpr

This app provides Pest Control, Home Cleaning, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, AC, Washing machine, Fridge, Geyser Repairs, Vehicle care & House painting service.

7. Handy

It provides interior design for commercial and residential societies.

8. Time Saverz

It is an app that provides home cleaning, repairing, pest control, car spa, painting, and handyman like plumbers, electricians, water purifiers, carpenters and furniture assemble.

9. Mr. Right

They are an online platform that connects users with the professional’s service provider in their nearby area.

10. Wala Services

They provide all the services which Urban company provides and they also encourage the vendors to take up the app business by renting it out.


In this modern era so many companies are starting companies like urban companies, but unfortunately many lose their grip and shut down the business because of a lack of marketing funds. this usually happens because they have burnt most of their money in building the technical infrastructure.

Wala App is a help to those who want to start a business like an urban company. we grow as a community and share expenses. we also train you in person to set up this business sustainably. so what are you waiting for? contact us on 999 57 52 333 to give life to your dream business.

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