Tips to take care of Home Appliances

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Does the frequent break down of the appliances trouble you? Think if you are using it well or not before blaming the manufacturers and shopkeepers? There can be chances that the machine is not working well because of problematic handling. We should handle it well in order for it to work well without any maintenance. So let us check out some simple tips to save the electrical appliances from getting damaged!

1. Clean it!

Clean any device that you use. Be it an oven, fridge or mixer grinder, you should never skip the cleaning part. Always clean them properly. Do not make the surface remain wet. Always ensure that you dry the surface if you used water-based cleaning agent to clean the surface. For example, if we consider a mixer jar, how pathetic does it get after frequent use. The debris gets accumulated under the jar. So, it might stop working well. This is just an example. Do not miss out any small place of the device. Just dry them well after that.

2. know the saturation point

If the device has a limit, do not overdo it! Even humans can’t work beyond their limits then why to expect electronic appliances as some super flexible sources? If they were some super flexible source then why will they put up the limit details on the device?
So, if your washing machine says that it can take a load of a specific amount then do not put more clothes than that!
If your refrigerator says that it can occupy a defined liter of things then remember it before stuffing things into it.

3. Don’t fix it if you don’t know

If you don’t know what went wrong with your appliance then please do not try to repair with little knowledge at all! If you try to do so then there are chances that you might do more damage to it than it already has. You can call for a service if you think you can do the repair on your own with a little help. But do not try to open the device on your own without any prior experience or any expert advice.

4. Keep the Guarantee and Warranty cards

We get warranty and guarantee cards with the devices. Do not throw them away for we might not know when it will be of use to us! All the appliances come with these cards. They can be very helpful when these appliances get damaged as soon as we start using them. So, always keep these cards to help save money. Or else, the cost will be more than the normal. The showrooms from where we purchase products generally take the card to provide free service.

5. Regular maintenance

When in use for a long time, there is a chance that the appliance that you use might get damaged. So try taking it for regular check-ups. Wondering why? These check-ups help to extend the longevity of the life span of the appliance that you use. So either take the device to a showroom or a good service agency might give you skilled labour for that!

So, always take care of your devices before they become useless. Check us out for more- Wala service.

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