7 Ways to Celebrate New Year in Corona times.

new year celebration at home

Everyone wants to welcome 2021 after what 2020 did to the world, isn’t it? But it is important that we take proper precautions and do not get carried away by the celebrations that we may want to have! Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate New Year in Corona times by staying home. It will be a different experience this time. Here are our suggestions to celebrate New Year at home.

1. Doll Up for the House Celebration

Just like olden times, you should dress up for this new year too. Look beautiful, take out that best dress of yours. Apply makeup and get ready to click loads of pictures.

There is no difference this time too, it’s just that you are a responsible person who is taking care by staying home, safely. So enjoy this new year with your family, all of you dressed up and this time it will be an intimate family time with the new year.

2. Food and Drinks

Cook great food with family. Take efforts. Cook all the delicacies you want to try. Use video references and cook with your family. It would be fun to do that. And try to cook at least one dish that all the members like. It might be time-consuming. But when the whole family comes together, it would be loud laughter, fun and memories. Make memories this season and see how better the new year gets.

Want to have some chilled cocktails? Prepare it and have it. Make all that you want at home and try this new kind of family celebration this time.

3. Decorate your house

What’s a party without decorations? So, this new year, decorate your house with some DIY décor and see how fun it can be to do that. Also, try and organize some poppers so that at 12 you can pop them and get a normal party feeling.

Have balloons and all that you can get at home. Do not forget anything that is there in a normal party. Make use of all kind of decorations available. Trust us, it will be fun!

4. Dance with your Family

Why not? Just like normal New Year parties, you can plug in your favorite tracks to dance with your family this time. It will be a moment to cherish with the whole family coming together and dancing on the favorite tracks of each member. Just imagine!

5. Virtual Wishes

This New Year wish all virtually with a video call. Host a group call where all of your friends are connected to you to wish at 12! Conduct such events that can be participated from their own homes. Virtual New Year celebrations wouldn’t be boring with so many of them talking and laughing over phone. Try it!

6. Gifts

Buy gifts and hide them somewhere the house. Conduct a treasure hunt and see how the whole house gets into their spirits. This will be a NEW YEAR TREASURE HUNT. And like this, you can add life to the eve. Just buy thoughtful gifts to all the members of your family and conduct this treasure hunt.

7. Bake a New Year Cake

Baking is fun even if you don’t know to! With your loved ones, baking a cake will be messy but memorable. The cake may not be that tasty but the efforts and the time together will be worth all the hard work. So, this New Year, bake a simple cake for your family with your family. Have fun!

These are our 7 Superb Ways to Celebrate New Year in Corona times, have fun and Happy New Year people!

Make sure to follow all the guidelines by WHO.

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