Best Christmas Party Ideas amidst Covid

best Christmas Party Ideas amidst Covid

Christmas amidst Covid Pandemic is quite a bad combination, we know. But the celebrations shouldn’t stop, isn’t it? With proper precautions and some innovation, we can celebrate this Christmas with our dear and near ones. There are many guidelines to take care of while having a Christmas Party and here are our- ‘Best Christmas Party Ideas amidst Covid’. As always, we would help you with all of our suggestions. And these tips will improve your Christmas Party amidst corona era.

Follow Covid Protocols

More than a suggestion, we would like to make a request to all the people. Please follow all the Covid protocols and guidelines given by your government. Do not risk anything for the sake of celebration. We know Christmas and New Year can be really tempting but a pandemic is a huge reason to compromise with all kind of celebrations. Please remember that and try to find ways to celebrate in a safer way.

Go Virtual this Christmas

Celebrations and parties are all about meeting your friends and family. But amidst corona, if it is not possible then we would like you to try the virtual way to host a party! Maybe, it will be a weird concept at first but just imagine, it would be fun. This new concept of hosting parties via Zoom call or so can be quite a new experience. And you can make this interesting too. We aren’t kidding! This is one of the best Christmas Party Ideas amidst Covid.

Social Distancing if not a Virtual Party

Make provisions for people to have social distancing in your party if you are conducting a party in real. And ensure that you include sanitizer and wipes so that it is a sanitized party. Also, do not crowd it too much. Just the close family can be included. We would suggest that this Christmas try to reduce the gathering as much as possible. But if you are too adamant then please ensure that your party is a masked one!


It is great if you are gonna cook the dinner with your family. But if you are not in a mood to cook for your guests, then be very alert while ordering food. You can book catering services who follow all the hygiene protocols well. Firstly, do not order more than needed since the times are different than usual. Even if food is left over, you wouldn’t be able to donate it. So ensure you don’t waste food for the party. Secondly, do not ignore the pandemic factor. Serve hot and warm food to all. Also warm water is what we suggest.

Proper Party Place

If your house is too small then book a place that offers a sanitized party setup. sanitization is a very major factor. Also, why don’t you gift some cool printed masks to your guests? Isn’t that a thoughtful gift? Make sure that the place is safe and also it follows all the COVID-19 guidelines so that nothing worse happens.

Games and Fun

Who said that you can’t play games in this time? Well, we would like to add something more. Play games that do not require any sort of physical contact among your guests. You can have fun by staying away from each other and maintaining a safe social distance. There are a lot of ideas if you actually want to play such games. Have fun and ensure safety, simple as that.

Virtual Dinner

For those who don’t want to have a real party, what about an online dinner? All the families shall cook and set up table within their own households. While having dinner you can go for a group call and all of the families can have their dinner together. It can be the best choice so far. This pandemic demands that. So, if you want to go for that then do go for it. Cook with your family, dress up and conduct an online dinner for Christmas!

Online Gifts

Gifting is one of the major rituals during Christmas. But don’t let the Pandemic ruin it in any way. Just relax and order whatever you want to for your dear ones. Even if you can’t gift your family and friends anything personally, you can gift them via online services. Make use of it and celebrate this festive season as usual.

Funny Contests online

Online Santa competitions, secret Santa, X-mas tree decoration competition, carol singing competition and many more are the usual ones. But you can go for some funny ones too. Like cake easting competitions, snowman making competition and many more that can be conducted virtually. Go for it.

This is what we felt like sharing with you all on- ‘Best Christmas Party Ideas amidst Covid.’ We know how suffocating it can be when we don’t get to celebrate with our family and friends. But when the world is suffering from the deadly virus, we should all come together to tackle it. Merry Christmas people!
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