Kerala Bridesmaids code for Christian Wedding

Whenever a wedding happens in a family, it is the cousin tribe that gets the most excited. And we can’t complaint as they are the people who get to enjoy the most. So, here some of our coolest bridesmaid squads who totally rocked their look for the wedding of their favorite cousins in the family. Lets us see how well coordinated they were! Some of the unique Bridesmaids code for Christian Wedding:


While choosing a dress as a bridemaid, always keep in mind that the attention should entirely go to the bride not you. Yet you should be well coordinated and rocking without overshadowing the bride. It is HER big day!

1. Saree Look

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This is on of the very common kind of dress code among the cousin tribes. Saree never goes out of fashion. The entire tribe can go a simple saree look. This will enhance the bride as she will be the highlight. And together, you can compliment her entire look. The Saree look should be chosen in such a way that it is subtle yet beautifully elegant.

2. Color combination

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Always choose a color that adds life when combined with the bridal outfit. Be it a poppy color or a pastel shade, be style conscious and choose the shades wisely for the tribe. It has to be elegant and unique.

3. Different dress styles, similar shades

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If your tribe do not want to wear identical dresses, then this is just for them. They can go for something like this. Here, the shades are common yet the dress belong to different style. It is fair enough for them to not wanting to wear same kind of dress as not every body type is carved for a style. So, to look good they can try this trend of having similar yet different shades.

4. Sexy and Sassy

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Sexy and sassy is also a wonderful option. Apart from the normal look, this kind of bridesmaid’s look shall rock the entire look of the gang. You can go for deep neck, off-shoulder and high slit gowns that would totally give a sassy squad vibes. In this new style era, why can’t be sassy and sexy an option? No reason to not go for this wonderful look!

5. Dark Shades

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Generally, people stereotype black shade as something to be considered as bad or unlucky. But is that so? Should you discriminate it? Well, if your tribe is okay to experiment with colors then they can definitely rock in this kind of dark color attires. If you still don’t want to go for a black shade then here are a few suggestions that you can swap this color with.

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See dark shades can add life too! If you think that a darker shade would look cool then choose a dark shade that would compliment the bridal look of the the bride. This can really help to ace the overall look.

These are some of our suggestions while choosing Bridesmaids code for Christian Wedding.

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