Best Home Bakers in Kerala

best home bakers in Kerala

Cake and Christmas Season seem to be like some twins who can never be separated! This Christmas season, we thought that we could help you with a list of the best home bakers from all over Kerala who can help you get some amazing cakes. So, out list has a quick coverage of bakers from a wide arena. Let’s jump into it our list of best home bakers in Kerala to see what they have to offer this Christmas

The CakeBox

Location- Kannur, Kerala
Asfa Ali calls her success story as ‘The Cake Box’ and we cannot stop wondering at her creations. Her cakes depict elegance, grace and art to the fullest. It makes us wonder how does someone resist from cherishing its beauty and creativity. Her cakes are majorly customised ones and quite popular among the crowd. She also conducts workshops on baking. If you want to have something on your big day then she is the right person to approach.

“My father inspired me to be a baker when I was in my 7th grade. Years after, motherhood made me step back to baking again. My family gave me to support to grow and that helped me regain the confidence to conduct workshops and more. Independence, happiness and peace are what this passion gifted me back! Call this as a hobby, therapy or a profession, I found my satisfaction amidst this art.”

says Asfa Ali

Christmas Offers- You shouldn’t miss out the wonderful Gold cakes by ‘The Cake Box’. The range starts from Rs. 1100. This christmas, go golden with this beautiful cake!

How to reach out to The Cake Box?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- 7012638003 or visit and message her on her Instagram- The CakeBox. Do contact her for beautiful cakes!

Le BakeLove

Location- Kannur, Kerala
Thafsi loves to call her mini cake empire as ‘Le Bake Love‘. Started this 4 years back, She had a long journey so far. Initially, she baked for her family and friends. Then, she started this as a business. Quality ingredients and taste are the keys that she holds onto tightly. Her cakes, doughnuts, Cakesicles are visually appealing and tastes yummy too!

“Being a self taught baker, baking cake in the beginning was an indulgence that soothed my mind. I love everything I bake. And I always try to give my best to meet the requirements of my clients. New techniques and innovations crop up everyday, so keep learning, never compromise on the quality of the ingredients as it is the quality and taste which brings customers back to you. Baking is a demanding journey .Be prepared to put in lots of hard work as it will always be converted to success later.”

says Thafsi

Christmas Offers- The wonderful X-mas sale starts with a 10% off on all the cakes.
You can order doughnuts, Cakesicles from her. The starting rate is 700 rupees. This Christmas order from this fabulous baker.

How to reach out to Le Bake Love?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- 9562110882 or visit and message her on her Instagram handle- Le Bake Love. Do support this budding baker!


Location- Kannur, Kerala
Crumbs__n__Cream is a small setup providing delicious cakes crafted by Sufi Muhammed. She mainly works on fresh cream cakes. Custom themed cakes are the personal favourites of this baker. She can design cakes artistically as per her customer’s demand. And please check out the wedding theme cakes too!

“My first success was the cake baked for my brother’s marriage. It turned out to be a huge win and the support that I got after that made me think and start Crumbs__n__Cream. Support from your loved ones can do wonders!”

says Sufi Muhammed

Christmas Offers- Well, this season even though there is no hamper but you can order your preferred custom cake from this baker.

How to reach out to crumbs__n__cream?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- +918301828766 or visit and message her on her Instagram handle- Crumbs__n__cream Do support this budding baker!

Digna’s Cake Diaries

Location- Calicut, Kerala
Digna Darwin is the artist behind what she calls dignas_cake_diaries. Started this venture as an escape from some sudden hardships in her life, she is now successfully taking this cake world of hers to great heights. She has an emotional story intertwined with her baking journey. No wonder she is creating little wonders through her cakes. All of her cakes are cooker-baked not oven-baked, simply amazing, isn’t it?

“I battled with depression with my cream cakes. It was hard initially, but I knew, I had to do something. Baking helped me to achieve a sense of independence and fight all the mood issues. Trust me, this art heals us if you find your passion for this. I am happy now, baking happiness in my cooker, if you think you need an oven for that! I have found a beautiful therapy through this passion of mine. It is fun to see the colours and creams spreading smiles to my customers.”

says Digna Darwin

Christmas offers- This christmas, you shall be delighted to know that this young baker is giving 20% off on al the cakes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and order your cakes today! Hurry and enjoy the lovely bakes.

How to reach out to dignas_cake_diaries?

You can directly message the Instagram handle- dignas_cake_diaries. Hurry and make use of the 20% discount on all your orders.

Nanduzz Bakes

Location– Kozhikode, Kerala
Sudha calls her 3-year-old cake world as ‘Nanduzz Bakes’. She is quite popular for customised cakes. The creative world of cake called her out after her marriage when she wanted to do something different yet innovative. She can help you with a very wide range of cakes. But if you ask us, we would definitely suggest her white truffle & vancho cake. This Christmas, you can definitely check this baker out!

“I believe that the ability to give my customers what they exactly expect is the secret of the success of this venture. I am able to do complete justice to almost all the orders I receive. It makes me happy and satisfied when I see the happiness of my customers which also strengthens the trust that they have on me.”

says Sudha

Christmas Offers- Well, this season, for all the offers above 500 rupees, you would be getting a set of plum cupcakes. Order from her right now!

How to reach out to Nanduzz Bakes?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- 9746400437 or visit and message her on Instagram- Nanduzz Bakes. Do support and order from this baker!

Cakes by swathy

Location– Trivandrum, Kerala
Swathy S Soman is the amazing baker behind ‘cakesbyswathyss‘. This passionate baker started her cooking journey out of her love for baking. She likes to experiment and bring new ideas into reality. She was one of the popular baker who brought the idea of Christmas gift hampers and jar cakes to much notice. Her last year’s Christmas specials were amazingly accepted. She bakes lovely cakes that could steal anyone’s heart.

“I always liked cooking and trying out different foods. My strong belief is that its baking that chose me. I have my own hardships and struggles with my passion. But somehow I manage to overcome them all with the lovely smell of my fresh bakes. It solves all problems just like that. When something is your passion, struggles cannot make you stop loving it. You just keep growing and flourishing. Never accept defeat if you want to pursue your passion. That’s my advice to all young bakers.”

says Swathy S Soman

Christmas Offers- Well, even though this Christmas season, there won’t be any special offers, you can book your customised cakes from her. She bakes happiness!

best home bakers in kerala

How to reach out to Swathy’s cakes?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- 8907394648 or visit and message her on her Instagram- Cakes by Swathy. Do support this lovely baker for delicious cakes.


Location- Trivandrum, Kerala
Dr Annie Nayana Jose is the baker behind what she lovingly calls as ‘Hestia‘. Some of you might wonder, can a doctor be a baker? Well, this dentist is surely a cool baker as we see her. She runs her baking unit as a passion. There are many kinds of cakes available but in case you are confused to choose what first, go for the chocolate, tiramisu, strawberry and red velvet. They are the hits in the list.

“I am a dentist by profession. But my passion is baking. And I am glad that I can go well with both of them. Balancing them is a task but I hope I am doing a good job so far. So, I really don’t get when someone says that passion can’t be pursued with a different profession. Just look at me then, I am a doctor who bakes! Well, you just need the determination, rest is all the result of it.”

says Dr Annie Nayana Jose

Christmas Offers- Well, this season you can buy fruit cake for 799 rupees, Cupcake hamper- 500 rupees, Holly hamper at 999 rupees, Premium hampers, Cookies and many more.

best home bakers in kerala

How to reach out to Hestia?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- 8301952736 or visit and message her on her Instagram handle- Hestia. Do support this budding baker!

The Edible House

Location- Trivandrum, Kerala
Malavika Chandrababu is the ‘lawyer turned pastry chef‘ who is the artist behind the amazingly attractive cake shop- ‘The Edible House‘. Are you thinking of how can she do justice with the laws of the cakes that she creates? Then you need to know that she is a pass out from ‘Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts, Delhi‘. Contact her if you want to have some delicious Cakes, Cinnamon Rolls & Bao. Also, you may reach out for custom cakes to this wonderful chef!

“Graduating from NUALS in 2018 made me choose between my passion and profession. Undoubtedly, baking was the choice I made for I knew that what initially began as spending time in the kitchen for fun has changed to something significant when I started to sell cakes in Monday Tea Break Sales. I had uncertainties when I had to make choices but then I asked myself- if not for the law, then what would you do for the rest of your life? I got my answer then. Do what makes you happy. That’s the ultimate secret ingredient of a successful life. Simple and straight!”

says Malavika Chandrababu

Christmas Offers- Well, you can definitely try the cakes and other things ‘the edible house’ has to offer.

How to reach out to The Edible House?

You can visit and message her on her Instagram handle- The Edible House. Do support this wonderful venture!

Ansy’s Bake Tales

Location- Trivandrum, Kerala
Dr. Ansy Abdulrafi calls her cake territory as ‘Ansy’s Bake Tales‘. A dentist by profession, this baker is truly wonderful cake source for all those in need. Again, she bakes as it is her passion. She can bake lovely cakes for you as per your needs and wants. Reach out to this wonderful baker to make your Christmas special.

“I am a dentist by profession and baking has always been my passion. This lockdown turned me into a part time Home-baker like so many others. Balancing my profession and passion has proved to be quite the challenge but I do find peace amongst all the colors and flavors.”

says Ansy Abdulrafi

Christmas Offers- This Christmas, you can have great cakes from Ansy. You can order for your family and friends from the lovely cake options that is there.

How to reach out to Ansy’s Bake Tales?

You can directly message the Instagram handle- Ansy’s Bake Tales. You can also WhatsApp her- +9177362 24183

Frostings -Kottayam

Location- Kottayam, Kerala
Jyothy Abraham is the home baker who runs a venture called ‘Frostings_Kottayam‘. She is a wonderful baker who bakes customised cakes and all other kinds as per the demand of the customers. The traditional super moist plum cakes are her stars during the Christmas season.

“Just a hobby in the beginning, now this is my passion and happiness. I found happiness in the whole baking profession.”

says Jyothy Abraham

Christmas Offers- Along with the custom cakes, you can go for the plum cakes that are the super stars of this baker.

How to reach out to Frostings_Kottayam?

You can either WhatApp her on the number- +91 9447736247 or visit and message her on her Instagram handle- Frostings_kottayam. Do support this incredible baker!


Location- Palakkad, Kerala.
The mother-daughter duo Vaishnavi Mahesh and Kamya M V are the awesome bakers behind the wonderful ‘kriyaetions‘. Chocolates, Cakes, plum cakes, granola, chocolate bars, cookies and chocolate jars are some of their special and impressive agents. Try them this Christmas!

“I worked as a Medical Transcriptionist when I got an opportunity to participate in an exhibition. We started with homemade chocolates, mini cupcakes and other little treats. With the great response, we slowly began with the designer cakes. Now my daughter, Kamya has also joined me and is helping out a lot in making designer cakes, managing social media handle and keeping up with the latest trends to the best possible. It’s been seven years since we started this baking journey and the passion drive us more.”

says Vaishnavi Mahesh

Christmas Offers- Well, this season they are providing hampers with exotic plum cakes, hot chocolate bomb, red velvet cream cheese brownies, granola, choco cherry jar, cookies and a chocolate bar. Book before 15, December 2020 and pick them on 24th or 25th December 2020.

best home bakers in kerala

How to reach out to them

You can either WhatApp them on the number- +919633773987 or visit and message their Instagram handle- kriyaetions. Do order from them this Christmas!

Cake Bites

Location- Wayanad, Kerala
Rileesha is the designer behind this cute cake shop that is named as ‘cake bites‘. She decided to start this venture as it wasn’t that popular at the place where she is from. It was her ardent desire that led her to be a successful baker. So, this Christmas, Rileesha is all set to take up orders and deliver lovely cakes for her customers.

“Baking was something in my mind for a long time. When I got an opportunity, I didn’t lose it. I grabbed and started to work on my passion. Getting a good response from dear and near ones is making me happy. I just want to bake good and spread happiness. I love cakes and I love baking more than that. “

says Rileesha

Christmas Offers- This Christmas, order from her the goodness of home-baked cakes. Hurry and book a customised cake now!

How to reach out cake_bites_byrileesh ?

WhatsApp the orders on the number- 8075585294 or Instagram Id- Cake Bites by Rileesha. Try the tasty cakes from this venture this Christmas!

Baking with Love

Location- Calicut, Wayanad, Kerala
Baking With Love is a baking setup by Rinsha Rafeek who finds her happiness in baking. She is someone who loves to experiment with her baking ways. Who could imagine that tapioca could make it to our cakes? But this young baker thought so and experimented to finds that it is indeed a tasty one! Don’t believe us? Order and find yourself! She specialises in tapioca cakes.

“I wanted to try something different. I wasn’t sure of my tapioca cake. But my experiment succeeded. And that is how I started to bake it for my family and friends. Slowly, it turned out to be a huge hit. I am quite proud with the outcome.”

says Rinsha Rafeek

Christmas Offers- This Christmas, order from baking_with_love♥️, try the tapioca cake for a change! And the other offers include these things.

best home bakers in kerala

How to reach out baking_with_love♥️?

You can visit the Instagram handle- baking_with_love♥️ or WhatsApp the orders on the number- 9495888877. Try the tasty cakes from this venture this Christmas!

Dream Pie Cakehut

Location- Malappuram, Kerala
Sadeeda and Dilshida are the people behind this venture called ‘dream_pie_cakehut‘. These duos are really making use of the lockdown to create something delicious and amazing. You can order cakes from them this Christmas!

“We were passionate about baking. But the lockdown made gave us an opportunity to extend this as a business. That’s how we came into this world of cakes and bakes. “

says Sadeeda and Dilshida

Christmas Offers- You can book lovely cakes from them this Christmas! Hurry! They also take party orders if you don’t know.

How to reach out to them ?

You can either WhatApp them on the number- 8157876895 or visit and message them on their Instagram handle- dream_pie_cakehut. Do support them!


Location- Palakkad, Kerala
Utterly delicious cakes is cake venture designed by Mredula Nair because of her passion for baking. She ensures good quality products to bake cakes. And this ensures a good tasty cake. The feasible rates attract many people to try this. The most sold cake is chocolate cake and tender coconut cake.

“I love cooking. And I loved to work with beater a lot. As making cake needs that, I started to bake. I found my happiness in it. Every baker has a different story to associate with baking, mine is this. “

Mredula Nair

Christmas Offer- This Christmas order from Utterly delicious cakes to get cake at great rates. Try out her tender coconut cake for an extraordinary experience.

How to reach Utterly Delicious Cakes?

You can easily find their Instagram handle- utterly delicious cakes or You can WhatsApp them on the number- 7902663909

Wake and Bake

Location– Pathanamthitta, Kerala.

Naufa Nizar is a medical student who is the artist behind ‘Wake and Bake‘. She is a passionate home baker who works well on fresh cream cakes. She is a warm and an ardent baker who started baking out of her passion. Her aim is to be a doctor who bakes. She sells cakes of all kinds depending upon what her customer wants. This Christmas, you can contact ‘Wake and Bake‘ for wonderful cakes.

“Profit was never my aim. I bake for happiness and satisfaction. Baking was something that made me very energetic and creative. I always ask preferences in detail so that I can plan the cake before I bake it. My aim is to be a doctor baker. My friends and family were constants when I began my journey. I have built a good name for my venture. I have dreams and aspirations to make this bigger and better. This journey is beautiful and I am happy with the way that I am able to spread joy. “

says Naufa Nizar

Christmas Offer- This Christmas order from Wake & Bake cakes to get cake at great rates. Normal plum cakes, Rich plum cake, Eggless plum cake, Non-alcoholic plum cake, Tutty fruity cake, Boiled fruits cake are the Christmas Highlights. Do order from this lovely baker to get the finest cakes in town!

How to reach Wake and Bake?

You can easily find her Instagram handle- Wake and Bake or You can WhatsApp her on the number- 9497195630. This Christmas, buy from this baker and relish tasty cakes.

Hope you found our list of the best home bakers in Kerala helpful.

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