5 Art Cafes to Visit in Kochi

Art Cafes in Kochi

When in Kochi, there are some places not to be missed at any cost. One of them is the art cafe that Kochi has to offer. There are some beautiful Art Cafes in Kochi that needs some attention. Here is our list of 5 Art cafe in Kochi to visit in 2021.

5 Art Cafes in Kochi to Visit: Our List

Kashi Art Cafe in Kochi
Mocha Art Cafe in Kochi
David Hall Art Cafe CGH Earth
Yoga Art Cafe in Kochi
Pepper House Art Cafe in Kochi

1. Kashi Art Cafe

The exact location of this cafe is- Burger St, near Police Station, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001. And you can reach out to this café – 0484 221 5769. The starting time- 8.30 AM.

This is known as Fort Cochin’s original (and best) art cafe by many critics. The popular, natural-light-filled space has a Zen aura around. It also holds a climbing vertical garden and fashionable wood tables opening cut into a courtyard dotted with contemporary artwork. The coffee is strong in nature. Only organic ingredients make their way to the recipes wherever possible. The delicious breakfasts and lunches are marvellously tasty (French toast, home-baked cakes, creative salads).

2. Mocha Art Cafe

The exact address of this cafe is- VI/179, Synagogue Ln, Opp Paradesi Synagogue, Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala 682002. You can contact this cafe at- 0484 222 4357. The cafe starts at 11 AM.

Mocha Art Cafe in Kochi has a 300-year-old story to tell. In about 1915 a spice trader named Abdul Karim Mohammad brought this warehouse. He was who turned it into a warehouse as his business grew. But, with well-established businesses running smooth, Junaid’s search for something exciting began his pursuit to make a café where people could relax and enjoy their time.

Thus, he began restoring the 300-year-old structure bit by bit. The café’s walls are an exhibit space for renowned young painter Sara Hussain. The place has her paintings all over. And there are nearly 2000 plants in the vertical garden.

Sandwich, Pasta, Brownie, Shakshuka, Garlic Bread, Salad, Chocolate Cake, Cold Coffee, Masala Chai, Hot Chocolate, Milkshake are some of their stars.

3. David Hall Art Cafe

This is a contemporary art gallery, cultural venue & cafe in a renovated 17th-century Dutch colonial bungalow that can make your trip worth to this place. Currently, they offer a dine-in option. The address of this place –1, 264, Napier Street, opp. Parade Ground, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001. You can contact – 0484 301 1711. You may note that they begin at 11AM.

This art cafe in Kochi has a site- David Hall Art Cafe. David Hall is a beautiful old Dutch bungalow that has been restored and has taken on a new life as a cultural centre with a gallery for contemporary art, with a focus on providing a platform for young artists. 

The first 2 rooms are Art Galleries before you get into the Dining area. It is open on all sides with just the lovely bamboo and thatched roof. They cook the dishes in the kitchen, which is an open counter. They serve each and every item with perfection. The Menu may seem small but is worth a try.

The menu consists of Breakfast items, Lunch dishes, Small Bites, Italian and Mexican dishes, Pizzas & Calzone, Beverages & Desserts. The seating design is for about 18 people. If there is a crowd, you may have to wait for a bit. It would be worth the wait. The Pizzas are simply superb and should be in your checkout list.

4. Yoga Art Cafe

This cafe is located at –  VI/206, Synagogue Ln, Jew Town, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry, Kochi, Kerala 682002. You can contact them at –090379 03060. They start at 9 AM. They provide takeaway service and dine in at present.

If you are a coffee lover then do visit this lovely art cafe in Kochi . Many positive reviews say that they serve the best coffee in town with their Italian Coffee machine. And the ambience is also great and warm. Coffee is the main feature of this place, but they do serve excellent fruit juices and lassi as well. The cardamom lassi is very famous.

This art cafe in Kochi is just a minute’s walk from the Jewish synagogue and cemetery and is a part coffee bar, part art store with the most beautiful hand-crafted clothes and furnishings.
Although prices are high by the standards of the surrounding outlets, there is no pressure to buy them. You can peacefully check them out.

5. Pepper House

The address of this art cafe in Kochi is- 11/10 A&B, Calvathy Rd, Near Hotel Seagull, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682002. You can contact them at – 0484 221 5667. They start at 9.30 AM.

Art Cafes in Kochi
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A delightful duo of Dutch-style dockside godowns (warehouses) reimagined into a laid-back outdoor cafe and art space with bench-style tables along a gallery overlooking a grassy courtyard. You can find on the menu some salads, soups, kinds of pasta, creative continental breakfasts and the unpaired Kerala curry. It’s part of a multipurpose art gallery, with an upmarket boutique flaunting Indian-designer fashion and accessories.

Coffee, sandwiches and the library are the highlights if you feel like visiting this place. Many say that this is a great option for breakfast and lunch. A popular Malayalam movie was shot in here. This place offers very large variety of cakes, pasteries. Do try them.

These are the – 5 Art cafes to visit in Kochi we would suggest to you. Do check them out and let us know if this was helpful.

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