10 Beaches to not miss out in Kochi.

Are you a mountain person or a beach person is the most common question, right? So, if you are a beach person then here are our favorites where you can explore have fun with the waves. Here are the 10 beaches to not miss out in Kochi.

1. Puthuvype Beach

Comparatively, one of the very less crowded beaches in Kochi, this beach is cleanest too. Many visitors keep on coming back here because of that. The lighthouse is the main attraction of this beach. The lighthouse stands less than half a kilometre away from the beach. This lighthouse is one of the tallest in India. And you can enter the lighthouse from 3 P.M to 5 P.M. So, fellow travellers, this is a good place to chill, try it out.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: Jithu

2. Kuzhupilly Beach

This is one of the very beautiful beaches in Kochi. Have you heard about the Kite Festival? If yes, you must be surely familiar with this beach. If no, then you have to know that this is where that happens. This beach is famous for holding the kite festival in Kerala.
It has immense coconut and mangrove trees adjacent the way which assists in holding favourable warmth. The trees and the soft sand make it an ideal location for anyone to unwind. The calm waters are a bliss for the swimmers. Visit this place to see the backwaters.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: ameenhadid

3. Fort Kochi

This beach lies on the Arabian Sea and is no less than a wonderful sight to the visitors. Though this beach has very large things to offer with the sightseeing, the cleanliness isn’t that cool. So, you will have to compromise on that part when you choose to visit this beach.
Also, the main highlights include the Chinese fishing net or so-called ‘Cheena Vala’ along with jetty boats are not less thrilling. Colonial-style bungalows mark along the shoreline. Also, the Vasco da Gama square, the remains of Fort Emmanuel along the granite walkway make it a good sight. Follows many stalls, which make traditional cuisines using freshly caught fish is cool for the people who love yummy food. A segment of the beach is not accessible to visitors as it is under the control of the Indian Navy.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: brokenandroid

4. Puthenthode Beach

Another beach on our list is Puthenthode Beach. This is one of the famous beaches popular for its cleanliness and calmness. As it is small in size and newly introduced, it is an isolated place. So, if you are looking for something peaceful and relatively calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then this is the place for you and your loved ones. To reach this beach, you can get down at the Puthenthode bus stop and then proceed.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: Ashish

5. Cherai Beach

This beach is ideal for a warm and cosy evening walk along the long stretched shore that this has. It is more crowded nowadays due to the increasing popularity of the beach. There are many good restaurants nearby if you are hungry and are looking for something to eat.

During the early mornings, one can see fishermen in fishing using Chinese net. The Chinese fishing nets are a popular attraction here. It only becomes somewhat crowded during the weekends, otherwise, it is frequently visited by the locals and lone tourists.
Cherai Beach is also quite attractive for Dolphins but it is visible only in particular timings.

Schools of dolphins jump and try to chase small boats. Or they may be somersaulting in the water, which makes it a lovely view. Not to forget, this beach is a photographer’s delight with long ranges of sand, clusters of palms and coconuts, a discarded fishing boat or two and a solitary ship sailing away in the distance silhouetted against the sun.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: @stories_of_adaf

6. Munambam Beach

Munambam Beach is amongst the picturesque places that embellish the northern tip of Vypeen Island, situated near the Munambam Fishing Harbour. One has plenty of beautiful and lovely points around the area, ideal for cinches and natural treks. The place is well-crafted for travel, and a popular destination for kite flying, with a number of gorgeous homestays coming up in the area over the years.

One of the major attractions of this beach is the mouth of the river Periyar. This place is packed with not only the fishermen but also other people who catch a small amount of fish and sell them for daily living.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: yadhues

7. Mahatma Gandhi Beach

The name is after the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is one of the best beaches in Kochi. This beach do not offer any long stretched coastline as many others do. It is not recommended to swim on this beach as the water is mysterious and is apparent for big vessels and cruise ships.

The coastlines many food shacks that have freshly caught fish. So if you like fresh seafood then you must go and visit this beach. It is a little, bouncy beach known for scenic sunset views & peddlers selling tasty street food.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: Tour My India

8. Veeranpuzha Beach

This beach is one of the popular beaches in Kochi. With brilliant blue waters and golden sun-bleached shores, the beach is bordered with green plants. The vicinity of fishing villages from the beach guarantees the activity of fisherfolks at business all day long at the shores.
You can visit this beach to-

  • to see the busy fishermen catch fish, see them in their work hours
  • rural village glimpse
  • watch the sun set and rise pridefully
  • enjoy the environment and relax
beaches in kochi
Image Credits: @saahilrahman

9. Andhakaranazhi Beach

Andhakaranazhy (Andhakaranazhi) is a coastal village located 4 km west of Pattanakad under. It is famous for its beach which draws a number of domestic and international tourists. If you want to swim and have fun in water then this is the perfect and safe beach to do that.
Also, this beach is filled with small food stalls that provide fresh fish eateries to your delight. You can play volleyball with your friends in this cool coast. Have fun and do let us know if you loved it!

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: _jerin_james_

10. Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach

Popularly known as the silent beach, this is a place if you like to find solace in silence. Many people who visited this beach claim to have seen dolphins which act as a major attraction to this beach. It is an exemplary beach to witness a sunset. The tender air here gives a very good vibe to settle on some lovely evenings. Since it is not crowded much, it is an ideal beach to spend some good quality time with your dear and near ones.

beaches in kochi
Image Credits: _travelgram00

These are the beaches that we would suggest you to visit in Kochi. Which is your favorite among these? Any suggestions or anything you would like to add more? Do let us know your view in the comment section.

Edited by Vishnu Peethambaran

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