Best Home Bakers in Kochi to Book Cakes This Christmas

best home bakers in Kochi

Baking is an amazing art. But is it easy to find the artists who excel here? No, right? So, We are here to help you find some of the best home bakers this Christmas, from Kochi. If you are looking for some tasty cakes and Christmas offers for them, then here is a list you can refer to. Indeed, We are quite proud to share this list of bakers who turned out to be some of the finest cake sources this Christmas Season! Let us take a look at the list of the best home bakers in Kochi.

Jeny’s Cake Corner

As you may guess, the tasty Jeny’s Cake Corner is run by Jeny John, who gives utmost importance to the quality of the products that she chooses to bake. She takes baking classes and also caters to customized needs of goodies for clients. Every ingredient is personally handpicked and hence she assures 100% quality on all the products. If you ask us, her cakes are a vision of beauty! Don’t believe us? Let’s look at her gorgeous cakes.

” Quality is our primary motive. If our customer requests, we also cater to specific bakes like gluten-free, vegan or keto. Not to forget our Granola has a separate fan base.”

says Jeny John

Christmas Offers for CakesThis Christmas, you get an awesome goodie hamper list to choose from. Each hamper is carefully crafted and you are free to ship them across all over India if you want. Mini Treat Box, Elves Box, Winter Gift Box, HO HO HO Treats, Santa’s Gift Box are the major hamper attractions.

best home bakers in kochi

How to reach out to Jeny’s Cake Corner?

You can order your favourite cakes and other things using the WhatsApp Number- 9895083498 or message on the Instagram handle- Jeny’s Cake Corner Book and enjoy the cakes to the fullest!

Fluffy Whipp

Saima Hashim owns a beautiful cake venture called ‘Fluffy Whipp‘, who is a hobby baker. She loves to create art out of her cakes. And this is why she easily made it to our list of best home bakers in Kochi. To be honest, we are simply drooling over her pieces of magic called ‘cakes’. A passionate baker who gives much importance to the appearance of her cakes, this baker loves to make pretty cakes on demand. She works on only buttercream and fondant cakes.

“Started this small venture 3 years back, I learnt this from my mother, who is a passionate baker. This is more like a therapy to me. My family and friends supported me a lot for where I have reached today. This is like a soothing symphony to me. “

says Saima Hashim

Christmas Offers for Cakes This Christmas season, Fluffy Whipp offers all kind of customized cakes with some adorable customised Christmas hampers starting from a very economical range of prices. But for more details reach out this baker.

How to reach out to Fluffy Whipp?

You can just DM the Instagram Handle of this baker at Fluffy Whip and also message via WhatsApp number- 9995880933

Amy’s Oven

Femina Javed is the next home baker that tops our best home bakers in Kochi. Femina Javed is the owner of the dreamy cake place called ‘Amy’s Oven‘. You must be wondering what exactly is there to call her cakes ‘dreamy’? Well, you will understand that when you will see the pictures of her cake gallery. She is an artist when it comes to creating themed cakes. Her cakes are different and a vision to our eyes. The cakes aren’t some mere cakes but some lovely sculptures. Trust us, we are sure you would agree too!

“I love art and I am a huge foodie. So, I thought what if I create art out of cakes? And that led me to this. I have always smitten by the beauty of art and if you see closely, my cakes reflect that- Art in food. That’s the biggest watermark in my cakes. They reciprocate creativity and art- my two biggest obsessions.”

says Femina Javed

Christmas Offers for CakesIf Doby(Harry Potter Ref.) is confused about what to have this Christmas, then you can check this Book of spells to order some lovely cakes from Amy’s Oven. We insist you celebrate art this Christmas with Amy’s oven.

How to reach out to Amy’s Oven?

You can order from this cake wizard by placing orders via the Instagram handle- Amy’s Oven or her WhatsApp number- 9947046632


Ruksana is another one of the best home bakers in Kochi. She is the owner of the lovely cake place called ‘Heavenslice‘, which is nothing less than a fantasyland for realistic cake lovers. She is an IT professional in Banglore, so the time she gets after her job goes into her passion entirely. Ruksana is a choosy baker when it comes to creating cakes. Normalcy doesn’t reflect in her cakes. If you wish to gift edible caricatures & handcrafted Cakes then do contact this young baker!

“This venture is founded on my pure passion. I do make a profit out of it but more than that, I would like to cherish the efforts and my creative ideas that I put in behind each cake. I am a part-time baker because of my profession. But I think I do justice with the passion and the profession. It does get hectic at times, but the results make me the happiest. Creativity and innovation keep me going with an ardent desire to bake a masterpiece with each of my cakes. “

says Ruksana

Christmas Offers for Cakes This Christmas, Heavenslice is all set with a hamper that would include a set of Christmas tree based cupcakes, gingerbread, cookies, a jar cake topped with an amazing gift from them. So, surprise your loved ones with this cute hamper by ‘heavenslice’.

How to reach out to the Heavenslice?

Just place an order via the Instagram handle of this baker- Heavenslice

Melty Cakes

Melty cakes‘ is a dream of Simna Ansar. She is a cake artist, tutor and a home baker. She bakes bliss through her cakes. Her cakes can be called as the personification of love, passion and art. The cakes that she bakes are specialised in a whipped cream sharp edge. Well, we found one more cake gem on our journey to explore the cake artists! If you not only want to eat but also learn the art of baking then Simna can help. She provides private workshops if required. You can contact if you are an enthusiast.

best home bakers in kochi

“I started baking as a hobby. It was just a time pass and I never know to be honest, that when did this turn out to be my passion. The journey was beautifully written for me. Now, I look forward to helping young budding bakers so that they get a direction in the possible ways. “

says Simna Ansar

Christmas Offers for CakesChristmas offers include a super cool Christmas hamper other than the customised cakes by melty cakes. You can just check out the details below!

How to reach out to the Melty Cakes?

Just place an order via the Instagram handle of this baker- Melty Cakes or just WhatsApp her your orders on – 9544093313

Ginger Bread Girl

Shermeen Kumar runs the wonderful ‘Ginger Bread Girl Kochi‘. She is also one of the best home bakers in Kochi. Gingerbread is a Christmas treat that is sweet yet has a pinch of spice in it. And our baker tries to bring that in her cakes. All the cakes come out of her home kitchen with lots of love and taste that can make anyone drool! We would suggest her Jimmy Choo cake for all. So this Christmas, if you love muffins more than cakes then do not think twice before ordering from this awesome baker.

“My love story with baking started at 10. And since then I haven’t stopped working on this passion. I love creating new things and when I actually started with it, success came following. So, I found a profession in my passion.”

says Shermeen Kumar

Christmas Offers for CakesThis Christmas, if you want to try some amazing muffins then just book from this lovely baker. Her cakes and muffins are really delicious. And as a part of the Christmas offer, she is here with some limited edition of Pumpkin spice muffins(moist, low fat/sugar, the goodness of pumpkins). You can easily order through her Instagram handle. Gift yourself and your loved ones these hampers. Christmas Yule Log, Friands, Millionaire Squares, Nutella Macarons and Almond butter toffees are some other stars of the season.

How to reach out to gingerbreadgirlkochi?

You can easily reach out her through WhatsApp number –7025321000 or visit her Instagram handle to know more- GingerBreadGirlKochi


Filda Fahad is the wonderful baker behind the amazing cakeshop Cakistory. She loves to bake and she concentrates more on icing cakes. Her cakes are beautiful and super yum! So this Christmas you can definitely try one from her Cakistory.

“I just loved eating cakes from my childhood. So, as I grew up I wanted to learn how to bake these lovely pleasures. And that made me decide that I wanted to be a baker.”

says Filda Fahad

Christmas Offers for CakesThis Christmas, you can book any customised cakes that you want to from Filda’s Cakistory to make your Christmas extra sweet.

How to contact Cakistory?

You can order lovely cakes from this baker through her Instagram handle- Cakistory

Just Desserts Cochin

The venture ‘Just Desserts Cochin‘ by Jeneeya Kabeer is a Dessert shop that specialises in buttercream cakes mainly. She is a homemaker with two kids who found her happiness in baking. She initially started baking as a hobby but then she thought that she should give this a shot as her profession. You can order from this baker for fresh and lovely bakes!

“I started baking as a medium to escape my idleness but now I have started to find my happiness in this. I have made a many great friends and customers through this profession. With my kids, I thought it would be hard but now it is a huge part of my life. An unexpected profession that is creating my happy world now! I am happy and satisfied with my baking stories.”

says Jeneeya Kabeer

Christmas Offers for CakesThis Christmas Just Desserts Cochin is giving a lot of good offers on cakes. One of the very popular ones is on rich plum cakes. Offering rich fruit plum cake in the loaf and 1kg variants Loaf -400/- and 1kg 700/-

How to reach out to just_desserts_cochin?

You can visit them on Instagram- just_desserts_cochin or Contact 9746087999 on WhatsApp Number. This Christmas go for their rich plum cakes to gift your dear and near ones!

Choconest Bakes

Shahnaz Reneef & Aswathy Vijayan are the duos behind the magic world of Choconest Bakes. Choconest Bakers makes it to out list of best home bakers in Kochi with ease. The duo specializes in creating mesmerizing cakes, cupcakes, hampers on demands and so on. Their cakes and hampers are truly majestic if you ask us. We loved exploring their skills with designing cakes and the cute hampers. Truly a wonderful sight to behold. Don’t believe what we say? Why don’t you take a peek look then? And please do take look at the hampers they provide.

best home bakers in kochi
Hamper by Choconest Bakes

“Initially we both started this dream with handmade chocolates and continued with the same for about 1.5 years. Then we started getting enquirers for cakes, cupcakes, hampers and so on. So we decided to work on it by attending a diploma in baking and since then we started this. It has been 2 years to be exact that we are creating out little magic.”

say Aswathy and Shahnaz

Christmas Offers for CakesThis Christmas if you want to go for hampers then do contact choconestbakes for the best. For Christmas, they are offering rich and premium hampers filled with rich fruit cake, brownies, cupcakes and tasty cakesicles.
Also, they happily provide rich plum cakes at Premium hamper- 1200, Normal hamper- 900, Plum cake- 750.

How to reach out to these duo bakers?

You can book cakes via their Instagram handle- choconestbakes and reach out their WhatsApp number for lovely cakes- 7012926987, 7736657347. Hurry and book an amazing cake for yourself this Christmas!

Cakes on Cloud9

Megha V runs her little cake town called ‘Cakes on cloud9‘, who is a Kochi based home baker and is one of the best home bakers in Kochi. She bakes cakes and cupcakes on demand. These cute little cupcakes can steal anyone’s heart, to be honest. She has an interesting story too. Her journey to the baking is something out of total amusement and curiosity that she felt while watching Cooking shows. So, this Christmas, you can order lots of yummy cupcakes from her and here are some drooling cupcakes from her.

” I was first drawn to baking when I saw MasterChef.
Then I started watching cake tutorials and got really curious about trying them out.
I am keen on bringing creative designs and new ideas onto my cakes. It’s a very satisfying work. It has turned into a passion project to me. I love my job that doesn’t even feels like a job. I am at peace with this.”

says Megha

Christmas Offers for CakesThis festive season, Cakes on cloud9 is offering an exclusive set of cupcakes with 6 cupcakes in it. Boston Crème Cupcakes, Chocolate Pudding and Choco Caramel Cupcake included in it. So, this Christmas, buy from this cupcake specialist to gift your loved ones!

How to reach out to this baker?

You can easily drop an order on the WhatApp number – 9446207376 or reach out to this baker via her Instagram handle- cakesoncloud9 Hurry and order yourself some tasty treats without any delay!

Tina Avira’s Signature Cakes

Tina owns the wonderful cake world called ‘Tina Avira’s Signature Cakes‘. She excels with each of her customised cakes. All cakes reveal that how intricately she works on them. Her cakes look like some sculptures carved out of sweetness. Truly remarkable ones. Just take a look at the wonders she bakes.

“My love for art and to be at home with kids was the main reason that I chose this. And the primary reason that fascinated me into baking was my own wedding cake! The edible flowers on it fascinated me. And started searching about it’s made…. And now here I am a self taught sugar artist.”

says Tina

Christmas Offers for CakesYou can order customized cakes from Tina as you like this Christmas. Her specialities are customised cakes. what about this?-

best home bakers in kochi
Cake designed by Tina

How to reach out to this baker?

Instagram handle is- TinaAvira’sSignatureCakes and the WhatsApp number to reach out is- 8129180715. Order now from this lovely baker!

Yummy Treats

Sangeetha Joseph runs ‘Yummy Treats ‘ which is a fabulous place to order cakes from. She is also on of the best home bakers in Kochi. She is a Certified pastry chef and that adds a bonus to all the cakes she prepares. She loves baking and that can be seen in each of her creations. She also provides Tarts, loaves of bread apart from the lovely cakes. You can also get her cakes from the outlet set up in the Zaroob Resto-cafe, Edapally.

“I was very passionate about caking. I loved cakes. And that is what made me a baker today. Passion always satisfies us, no matter how tiresome you feel, you are satisfied if you work for your passion.”

says Sangeetha Joseph

Christmas Offers for CakesYou can order amazing hampers that includes brownies, plum cakes, blueberry loaf, ginger bread cookies in it. Amazing, isn’t it? Don’t waste time and order before the hampers finish.

best home bakers in kochi
Cup cakes

How to reach out to this baker?

You can order via the WhatsApp number- 7994887772(10:00am-9:00pm) or the Instagram handle- yummytreats001. Hurry up!

Noor Cakeshop

The dream cake shop of Noreen Ahmed is ‘Noor Cakeshop‘. She is a home baker, MBA student, who started this cake shop in February 2018. She has an inspirational story of baking too. Nooren would take up orders for all kinds of cakes you want and she can make you wonder with her skills. Do give this home baker a try for sure!

“In 2017, I got inspired by a friend’s sister who is a renown baker in cochin. It was a rollercoaster ride for me. I failed many times but slowly, I made it. By 2018, my family encouraged me to start my own bake place and that’s how Noor cakeshop was born. I was scared, criticism and appraisals, both were there with me, seeing me grow into a confident baker I am. I have been doing this for 2 years. Lots to learn ahead but I am loving my journey quite much.”

says Noreen Ahmed

Christmas Offers for CakesYou can order Xmas hamper box:
Dates cake, Cakesicle, cupcake, cookies, brownies – 850/, Xmas themed cakes
1000/- for 1kg and 500/- for half, Rich carrot date cake. /- 400 (Orders for Xmas closing by 24th December afternoon)

How to reach out to this baker?

You can order via her Instagram handle- Noor Cakeshop. Hurry up!

Bakesters Heaven

Steffy Hezline owns the cake land called ‘Bakester’s heaven‘. She is a busy mother who finds time to work on her passion- cooking. And it was her consistent desire to learn more and more about baking and cooking which led her to reach this place where she stands now. She is a real gem when it comes to doughnuts and Cakesicles.

“Eventhough I like baking, I never knew that I could run a business of my own unless my husband supported me through the thick and thin. Like all bakers, even I had my ups and downs in this journey. But I am glad that I didn’t give up. So, I really beleive that if you are passionate about something, even if you fall in the beginning, you shall rise high! Keep going. That’s all.”

says Steffy Hezline

Christmas Offers for Cakes – You can order fresh cream cakes, filled doughnuts, plain doughnuts, Caksicles and Cupcake sets at very feasible rates. Also, bakestersheaven is providing various combos that include plum cakes, cup cakes, cream cakes in different variants. Do check it out (Orders for Xmas closing by 25th December)

How to reach out to this baker?

You can order via the WhatsApp number- 9496212819 or the Instagram handle- bakestersheaven. Hurry up and order affordable cakes from her today!

These are some of best home bakers in Kochi whom we would like to suggest you this Christmas Season. Do give them a try and let us know if you found this list of the best home bakers in Kochi helpful!

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