Cheap Spots to Shop in Kochi [2021]

Cheap Spots to Shop in Kochi

Shopping is an addiction. Sorry? We beg your pardon. Shopping is an art. To buy things at a reasonable cost from places that can serve you quality is definitely an art. So all the shopaholics out there, this is our suggestion to get to the Cheap Spots to Shop in Kochi.

1. Jew Town

Do you like to collect antique things? Then do not think anything else, this place is just for you. Jew Town, a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Synagogue, is a favourite place for the people who love to collect old and antique artefacts. This place is very popular with the cafés it has.

As per the history available, Historic Jew Town, the core of the once-thriving Cochin Jewish community, is associated for its old-world magic and 16th-century Paradesi Synagogue. Eccentric shops around Synagogue Lane and Jew Town Road trade antiques, carvings, and vintage collectables, along with Kerala style crafts and fragrant spices. 

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2. Broadway

If you are quite good with bargaining then this place is a must-visit. From anything to everything, you will be amazed by what this place has to offer. You can go to this place with any demand and it will be satisfied. You may have to walk and find the shops that suit you well, but in the end, you will get what you want at a reasonable cost.
This market opens very early. If the location helps then this is the location- Location of Broadway.

It is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city. Correlated to the other shopping spots in the city, the prices here are cheaper and really affordable. There are around 1,000 shops operating in the two-km radius of Broadway. It is expected that the market witnesses a footfall of minimum 5,000 people on holidays but the figures would touch 20,000 on working days.

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3. Bazar Road, Kochi

If you are planning to buy spices from Kochi, at a reasonable price then visit Bazar Road for sure. The location is- Bazar Road. This place well known for spices and pulses. Bazaar Road is where you would observe most of the shops advertising wholesale, commission or retail goods. Scattered over a two-kilometre extent of the road from Cochin to Mattancherry, Bazaar Road is popular for its moderate, good quality spices and pulses.

Green cardamom, Pepper, Cinnamon, brown cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and other novel things that Kochi is known for, are available here at a very reasonable cost. You should pick some well-sealed packets rather than open spices as the vacuum packed spices will keep the packet fresh longer. There are many shops here, selling spices, pulses etc and is more economical than Jew Town, where all things are more tourist-based. This is also the most excellent option to buy magnificent souvenirs to carry back from your trip to Kerala.

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4. M G Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road or M G Road is one of the very popular and crowded streets in Kochi to visit for your shopping cravings. Name anything you want and you will get that here. The road is stuffed with little and large shops. Also, various shops trading spices, finest among the available ones in Kochi.

The most favourite picks that are purchased by the tourists include embroideries, spices and dry fruits. In handicrafts, the most generally applied raw materials are coir, brass, copper, bamboo, etc. Kairali Emporium at M G Road is one of the greatest places to shop for artefacts, clothes and crafts which are all typical to Kerala.

A Kathakali mask delivers an excellent souvenir and it comes in small, medium and large sizes. It is available at Kairali Emporium. You can also view at large retail showrooms like Seematti, Jaya Lakshmi Silks and Chennai Silks to get a taste for fashion and the most delicate quality sarees and other beautiful range of clothes and fabrics.

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5. Marine Drive

If you are someone who likes to shop from the streets rather than costly malls then this is a very good choice for you. Do you like cotton items? Or something readymade? Then you can definitely visit here. There is a chopping complex called GCDA that would help you to suffice your shopping needs. If you are a pro at bargaining then you will be very happy with what you may find here. Also, not to forget that there some very good food joints here that would help you fight your hunger after shopping.

These are some of our suggestions to shop cheap in Kochi. Want to add some more places? Do let us know in the comment section.
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