Must-Visit Churches in Kochi [2021]

churches in kochi

When it comes to the architecture, Kochi stands out with its wonderful list of churches known for their old and marvelous architectural beauty. Let us find out more about some popular churches in Kochi.

1. Santa Cruz Basilica

The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica (also known as Kottepalli) at Fort Kochi, Kochi is one of the nine Basilicas in Kerala. Counted as one of the heritage structures of Kerala, this cathedral is one of the most precise and most majestic churches in India and toured by tourists the whole year-round.
It is a site of commitment as well as a centre of well-known consequence, enriched with constructive and aesthetic splendour and shades of the gothic style. The basilica works as the Cathedral church of the Diocese of Cochin.

churches in Kochi
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2. Malayattoor Church

The St Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic International Shrine, Malayattoor (or Malayatoor Church) is one of the eight world churches in the world, situated in Malayattoor Angamaly, Ernakulam.

The Malayatoor Church brings numerous followers from not just India, but from all over the world. St. Thomas the Apostle was the one who took leadership to begin the Christian community in Kerala later found this. The Vatican claims this as one among the eight International shrines in the world.

St. Thomas continued prayer at the place where the church lies today. From the town of Kalady, the hilltop church is 15 km away. Malayatoor and Kodanad villages lie on the contrary banks of the Periyar river.

The foremost celebration is on the first Sunday after Easter. Traditionally, there is a belief that St. Thomas worked to present the Sign of the Cross on the rock, kiss it and pray at Kurisumudi. The story has it that a supernatural golden cross arrived at that precise spot. Pilgrims going up the hill to call out monotonously “Ponnum Kurishu Muthappo, Ponmala Kayattom”, meaning “”O Patriarch of the Golden Cross! Climb we shall, this golden hill!””

churches in Kochi
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3. Kadamattom Church

Kadamattom Church is an ancient Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, located in Kadamattom near Kolenchery. Mar Sabor founded the church in the 9th century. In the church, on the left, there is a portrait of Mar Sabor Metropolitan, the Reverend Paulose, who was the mentor of Kadamattathu Kathanar.

Mar Sabor, a Persian high priest founded the church with the help of Kartha, the then regional ruler of Kadamattom. Mar Sabro was not only a theologian but also a conjurer. He stayed in a hut with a poor widow and her only son Paulose. Paulose assisted Mar Sabor for years and later Paulose has ordained a priest.

Kadamattom feast is one of the significant celebrations followed during the January โ€“ February season. It signifies the death anniversary of Kadamattathu Kathanar.

churches in Kochi
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4. George Forane Church(Edapally Church)

St. George’s Syro Malabar Forane Church is the Edapally Church. It is a Catholic pilgrimage church in Edapally, Kochi. It is one of Asia’s largest shrine to Saint George. They say that about five million people visit it every year. This is a very beautiful church in terms of the atmosphere.

They found the church in around 593 AD. They regard this as one of the oldest churches in Kerala. Thomas the Apostle, in the first century AD, found around seven churches before this. They dedicate the church to the Marth Mariam (Virgin Mary).

In 1080, They built a new church adjacent to the old church. A nine-day festival is celebrated annually as part of the Feast of Saint George (23 April). The church, also a destination for non-Christians, attracts offerings of gold, chicken, and eggs.

churches in Kochi
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5.Vallarpadam Church

The Vallarpadam Church in Kochi is a magnificent white edifice dedicated to Mother Mary. Vallarpadath Amma is what the devotees call their beloved Mother Mary. Legend has it that Vallarpadath Amma has miraculously saved her devotees a number of times from fierce storms rising in the sea.

The Church of Our Lady Ransom and the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom are some other ways to call this church. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place to take part in the annual Feast of Vallarpadath Amma that is celebrated from 16th to 24th September, every year. Around one million people visit the Basilica every year.

It is the most important Marian Shrine in India. Thus, people from all parts of the world irrespective of their origin come here to visit Mother Mary.

churches in Kochi
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These are the churches in Kochi that you should not miss at any cost. Did we miss any church of importance? Do let us know to add to our list. Read more- Best of Kochi

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