Lesser-Known Places to visit in Kochi

When it comes to visiting a place, we often miss out some beautiful places just because it is not famous enough, isn’t it? There are many small yet magnificent places to see in Kochi other than the ones popular. Here is our list of – Lesser-Known Places to visit in Kochi.

1. Paniyeli Poru

This is a very beautiful place to visit for the natural magnificence that this holds. Panieli Poru is a very splendid tourist spot in the Ernakulam region of Kerala. A natural bottleneck in the flow of the Periyar River due to rock configurations formed it. Although not a popular waterfall destination in the exact sense of the word, water and rocks together make for a pleasant picture at Panieli Poru.

This is a not so famous spot on the eastern stretches of the Ernakulam district. The region draws a reserved current of visitors from around the world. However extreme precaution is mandatory while visiting the place since there are various accidents and death reports due to careless estimation of the river currents. The currents may look calm but due to the undercurrents, the probably assumed estimation can go wrong.

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2. Inchathotty Suspension Bridge

This is the longest hanging bridge in Kerala. It has an overall length of 183 metres and is 4 feet in width. This bridge, which combines Inchathotty and Thattekkad (Veliyachal), is more of a requirement for the residents than a centre of fascination. Inchathotty is a village discovered near Neriamangalam, Thattekad and Kothamangalam in Ernakulam District in Kerala.

It is very popular for its hanging bridge (suspension bridge). Not to forget it is the longest suspension bridge in Kerala. This village resides at a block of about 10 km from Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary and 60 km from the world-known Munnar hill station.

The great Bhoothathankettu dam and park are also easily accessible from here, at about 11 km distance. Kayaking, Peddle boating is possible here at an extra cost. Photographs taken from the bridge gives a good aerial panoramic view of Thattekad. This is one of the must visit places to visit in Kochi.

3. Illithodu

If you want to go for a hiking trail then visit this place for sure. Surrounded by the enchanting hills, thick forest and the Periyar River, Illithode is an entertaining and fascinating eco- spot established on the edges of the Periyar River. The region comes under Malayattoor Forest Division. It is an exemplary place for the nature admirers and people who want to spend some time in an oxygen-rich of pollution-free untamed nature.

It is a forthcoming tourist destination. This is increasingly attaining demand as a chosen weekend getaway. The place is also observed as one of the most suitable picturesque regions for movie shootings. Illithode (the name means bamboo river since we can see bamboo grooves by the side of the river) is a comprehensive place for a one day picnic.

Here, you should visit for savouring the magnificence of unblemished nature and the trek through the forest to the river banks. Those who are curious can go for boating in the river which would give you an occasion to examine the forest. It is rich with Mahagony and teak trees.

4. Mamalakandam

Mamalakandam is a tiny yet charming village placed around 32 km from Kothamangalam taluk in Ernakulam district and 86 km towards east from district headquarters Kakkanad with an average altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. But this is one of the unknown tourist charms in Kerala.

The region experiences a warm and friendly climate all year approximately. And it is famous for its quiet retreat in the nucleus of a luxurious plantation. Thus this place is best suitable for travellers and is a great scene for camping & trekking.

The trek to the point is one of the most delightful and remarkable experiences that a tourist can get. Wildwoods house the most famous species of animals like elephant, wild deer, tiger, etc. And if you are fortunate enough, you can spot them during the trekking.

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5. Edamalayar Dam

Idamalayar Dam is a multipurpose concrete gravity dam located at Ennakal, Ernakulam, near Bhoothathankettu, on the Idamalayar River, a tributary of the Periyar River in Kerala, South India. The hydroelectric power station uses the reservoir storage.

The Edamalayar dam and the catchment area are in the forest region. So, to get a clear view we need to obtain permission and go inside the forest. They use water for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation.

After covering Bhoothankettu dam we need to travel about 15 km through forest and small tribal settlement. Not to forget, the journey is just outstanding. You can see monkeys, wild boars, rare birds etc and wild elephants here mostly.

These are our choices for- Lesser-Known Places to visit in Kochi. Wait, do you think you have some other suggestions too? Then please let us know that, we would love to add that in here!

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