Temples to Visit when in Kochi [2021]

Praying is an important part of many people’s life. Religious places offer a sense of peace to our minds and souls. This is our list of temples to visit when in Kochi! Let us take a look at them.

1. Vamanamoorthy Temple

The main deity in here is the Vamana- one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This temple also has a small temple nearby where the main deity is Lord Shiva. The temple extends a wide area along with many other deities like Lord Ganesh, Lord Karthik, Nagas and so on
Popularly called the Thrikkakkara temple, it is near to the popular CUSAT campus in Kochi. The normal Darshan time attracts much crowd. The male visitors are supposed to remove the shirt before they enter the temple. And also they prefer to switch off your phone or turn it silent while you enter it.
Onam is the peak time to visit the temple for the 10-day festival this temple has. Also, the Sadya that the temple offers is delicious and yummy! Do not miss that any cost!

temples in kochi
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2. Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple

This is one of the most popular temples in Kerala. Chottanikkara temple is the abode of the very strong and divine goddess Chottanikkara Devi (Melekavu Bhagavathi) and her sister Keezhkkaavu Bhagavathi.

In the morning, the goddess is celebrated as Saraswathi, in the noon as Lakshmi, and in the evening in the avatar of Durga/Mahakali. Also, the Makom Thozhal festival which is celebrated during the month of Kumbham is the best time to visit this temple amidst the enormous crowd.

People undergoing some mental illnesses commonly visit the temple, as there is a belief among the people that Chottanikkara Devi cures her devotees. Guruthi Pooja is a ritual done in the late evening to invoke goddess Mahakali. Earlier ‘Guruthi Pooja’ was on Friday of the week.

temples in kochi

3. Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple

This is one of the very popular temples of Lord Vishnu in Kerala. The temple is one among the greatest temples in Kerala. And this was first among 8 royal temples of erstwhile Kochi Kingdom. The deity is the Prominent deity of Cochin and protector guardian of Tripunithura. Lord Poornathrayeesan is said to be an elephant-lover. So, during his very famous festival called Vrishchikotsavam, there are lots of elephants present in the temple premises.

Also, the diety is said to be in a Santhanagopala Murthy, which indicates that the Lord would shower his blessings on the childless couple visiting him as per the myths and folklore.

temples in kochi

4. Vaikom Mahadeva Temple

The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is a temple for the Hindu god Shiva in Vaikom, Kerala. Even though, the temple is more on the borders of the 2 districts, Ernakulam & Kottayam, this is a must visit one when you are in Kochi and is not that far away. The temple, along with Ettumanoor Siva Temple, Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple forms the powerful trisome. There is a belief that if a devotee worships at these three temples before ‘Ucha pooja’, lord fulfils the wishes.
The Vaikom Mahadeva temple is of both Shaivites and the Vaishnavaites. People call Lord Shiva of this temple as Vaikkathappan. The shiva linga herein is the oldest. The temple is oldest in Kerala.

temples in kochi

5. Kaduthuruthy Thali Sree Mahadeva Temple

As mentioned above, this temple comes under the trio of the Shiva temples that are considered to be very powerful in nature.
The demon Khara (of the Khara Dhooshana demon duo mentioned in the famous epic Ramayana) established the Mahadeva temple along with Ettumanoor and Vaikom temple shrines.
The demon Khara installed the idols at Vaikom and Ettumanoor temples at the same time as per the beliefs. There is a very famous saying that a visiting here before noon is as good as a visiting all the three important Shiva temples (Vaikom, Ettumanoor, and Thaliyil Mahadeva) on the same day at the same time. Visiting the three Shiva temples at Vaikom. Kaduthuruthy and Ettumanoor on a single day will bring prosperity and the blessings of Shiva

temples in kochi

6. Ettumanoor Shiva Temple

The temple included in the trio mentioned earlier in the blog. This temple is very popular and Lord Shiva is the chief deity here. Pandavas of the Mahabharatha and also Sage Vyasa visited this temple as per the legends.

Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple hosts the Arattu festival, celebrated on a grand scale on the Thiruvathira day in February–March each year. Many people come to the temple on the 8th and 10th day of the festival, when seven and a half elephants (in Malayalam: ezharaponnaana) made of gold (nearly 13 Kgms) will be held in public view. A Travancore maharaja donated this to the temple. The temple, one of the wealthiest Devaswoms in Kerala, has many valuable possessions.

The Thulabharam is one of the important rituals of this temple. People make offerings to God for favours received.

temples in kochi

7. Dakshina Mookambika Temple

The temple lies in the North Paravur, Ernakulam. Goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and art is the deity here. The holy spot lies in a lotus pool. The temple is very famous for the Navaratri Celebrations during the Vijaydashmi festival.

According to legends, Thampuran (ruler) of Paravur was a great devotee of Goddess Mookambika. He used to go to the Kollur temple yearly so that he could pay respect to the goddess therein. But when he became old, his health worsened and he could no longer undertake the long journey to Kollur.

The goddess appeared to the sad devotee in a dream and ordered him to build her idol near his palace so that he can have daily darshan. Thampuran followed her instructions, built a temple at Paravur and established the goddess there.

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8. Jain Temple

Located on the grounds of Mattancherry, Kochi, this temple is a very calm and serene temple. Among the many different temples in Kerala, the Jain temples in Kochi are the ones that attract the traveller’s attention to a great extent. Considered to be 112 years old, the Jain temple is one of the most peaceful temples in Kochi.

One can take the assistance of office staff to know the historic importance of this place. Though the temple is open to travellers belonging to all communities, one cannot find a huge crowd or congestion inside the premises as compared to the other temples in Kochi.

temples in kochi

9. Sri Datta Anjaneya Kshetram

This serene temple of Lord Hanuman is in Alwaye. It is a very calming area that is ideal for a positive vibe and relaxing experience. One can get the traditional Kanji as the prasad from here in the morning which is very filling and satisfying.
The temple is a very new experience than the regular temple experience you may have had. In this temple, there is a special Coconut pooja to fulfil your wishes. If you are very particular about the ritual of the Coconut Pooja then the god definitely grants your wish. This is the belief there.

temples in kochi

These are the temples that we suggest you. Did we miss out any temple in -Temples to visit when in Kochi? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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