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Things to think before Draping a Saree

Draping a saree is a very intricate art. There are many Do’s and Don’t s while draping a saree. So, these are the things you should look out for when you plan to wear...

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Styling up the Saree Game!

Saree draping can be quite tricky when it comes to making it look trendy. Looking trendy with funky blouses is a sensible task. You have to look for the current style and fashion games...

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Types of Sarees to Wear at a Party

Even if your wardrobe is full of sarees, when it comes to choosing one when going out to a party, you get confused, right? So, to help you choose one when you are confused,...

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5 ways to Reuse An Old Saree

Saree is a beautiful attire, we all agree on it, right? But after a certain period of time, when you have draped it many times, you feel it gets a bit boring to repeat...


6 Cool New Year Fashion Tips for Girls

Looking good doesn’t require any specific occasion. You can always look beautiful. SO, this 2021, do not forget to style up your look book with these fashion tips. You can try any of these...

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