Super Cool Bloggers who Entertained us in 2020

upcoming vloggers in 2020

2020 was hard on all of us. But this year also gave us many bloggers/vloggers who stood with their unique content on social media to entertain us. It was a time when many new talents arose to power! We couldn’t list all of them but here is our list of some amazing people who entertained us. These are our Super cool bloggers of 2020.

Yashraj Mukhate

If you aren’t familiar with this name then let us tell you something that would make you realize this young artist- “RASODE ME KAUN THA?” This line made the whole internet go crazy! The super funny dialogues with his music mix got into almost all without any effort. This musician was really the star and we couldn’t miss him in our Super cool bloggers of 2020. Thank you, Yash and still, we don’t know that who was in the Rasoda!

So, do check out this wonderful artist for some crazy and funny content. Also, his Instagram handle is also not to be missed. Now if you do not go and visit his artist then we will have to say this-

Kya karu me, mar Jau? Meri Koi feelings nahi? Twadha kutta Tommy and sadha Kutta, Kutta?”


You may not be that familiar with this name but if we say “themermaidscales” then you will definitely recall this young artist who makes wonderful reels in Instagram. Do check her out on Youtube too! She has amazing makeup skill. Don’t believe us? Here is a sneak peek to her works.

If you want to visit this super cool blogger on Instagram handle then here is her profile to look out!  She is an Indian model and social media star who is one of the most popular Tiktok stars in India.

Kritika Khurana

For all the fashion lovers out there, “thatbohogirl” is not a new name. She is a fashion blogger who travels a lot and also gives beauty tips to all her followers. Her style is cool and lovely! You can check her out on YouTube –

For fashion tips, style hacks and many more, she is just perfect! If you want to visit her Instagram handle then here it is-

Ronit Ashra

Popularly known as the ‘The boy in a wig’, this young little guy is famous for enacting some of the superstars in his unique ways. Funny and entertaining at the same time, this young guy helped us laugh a lot.

He is more active on Instagram and you can check him out here-

 Savi & Vid

If you are a travel freak then you would have definitely come across these travelling couple bloggers known as “bruisedpassports”. Their travel journeys are really bliss to watch. And this couple has the answers to all of your questions related to travel and related blogging ideas. Just check them out for travel-related blogs.

You can visit their website too- Bruised Passports If you want to follow them on Instagram then here is their Instagram handle-

Sonal Devraj and Nicole Concessao

Are you a dancer or someone who enjoys it? Then meet these wonderful dancing divas or popularly known as “TeamNaach”. These dancers have shown some amazing and simple steps for all the young aspiring dancers. Check them out-

If you want to look for them on Instagram then here is the link to that-

Chef Sanjyot Keer

This lockdown was a time when many stepped into their kitchen to cook. And there were many people helping online with their unique ways and means of presentation. This chef was really a show stealer with his beautiful and majestic way of cooking videos. You can check him out on his YouTube channel. No wonder that we have included him in our list of Super cool bloggers of 2020.

He is quite active on his Instagram profile too! Just check this amazing chef for mouth watering recipes!

Here is our list of Super cool bloggers of 2020. If you think we missed someone then do let us know whom did we miss out in the list! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Happy New Year to all from our Wala Family.

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