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best handyman apps

People have always been great fans of handyman service applications. Therefore, an application that acts as an integrated platform for all of the important services is a boon to all. In this era where people get almost all services at their fingertips, such handyman home service applications are really appreciated among all of us. Firstly, let us see some of the best handyman apps. Secondly, let us see briefly what they have to offer.

So, let us know some of the very popular and useful handyman home service applications. Thus, these are those that rose to fame due to their heavy utilities and ease of use.

1. Wala Services

Wala services is a very popular and useful application. Within a very short span of time, this application has created a very large impact among the users. The wide range of facilities that it provides makes it a personal favourite of many customers. Currently, focusing on the regions like Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode and some more, this application is a very feasible choice when it comes to deal with things like painting, cleaning, grooming, event management, photography and so on. The list can go on.

You will get almost all the information from their website- Wala Services or you can easily use their application to reach out to them. They are really the perfect choice when it comes to quality work completion.

2. Urban Company [Formerly known as Urban Clap]

Another successful application to book trustworthy home services like Yoga trainers, makeup artist, plumber, electrician, massage therapist and more is the Urban Clap. This application presents a variation of professionals who can visit home and work.
Thus, you can discover the professionals near your area like repair services home tutors, carpenters, plumbers, from the service menu you can select your required services. Also, You can choose your selected timing to get your job finished.


This provides labourers and skilled professionals who can be selected by users to take care of the required house task. This app enables you to get correlated with thousands of skilled professionals who can manage the handyman services like house cleaning, deliveries, and errands much more. The tasks were secured and the professionals were vetted delicately. TaskRabbit is determined in around 19 cities.

4. HandyTime

In the field of solidifying things, HandyTime is one of the valuable applications. This application has the advantage of video and text chatting with professionals. You can obtain them through your mobile applications or system. One of the best things about this application is that it does not occupy more space, great, isn’t it?

5. HouseJoy 

House joy is one of the very popular Handyman apps which is obtainable for free to download. This app recognises users to hire professionals for Plumbing, painting, home cleaning, electrical works, pest control and much more. You can book appointments through the app, review the feedback from the old customers, check for pricing and much more.

6. Thumbtack 

Anyone can seek for help that you need through this application. Thumbtack assists in connecting you with the professionals around your area. For repairing your leaking room, for planning your child’s birthday party, for repairing your home appliance, there is Thumbtack, standing with its head high.
Download and fill the details of the required job, you will get instant handyman for the job.


This is the one-stop solution for all your home problems and preservation. You can practice Helpr for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet, and sofa cleaning. With few clicks, this application assists in getting your service done at the needed time. This app consists of professionals who are specialists in electrical repairs, fixing appliances, pest control, plumbing, wood painting, and maintenance. Hence, it is very useful.

8. Timesaverz

Timesaverz is another best Handyman providing services like repairs, car washing, home and accessories cleaning, pest controls. The workers are qualified professionals. Also, they are who provide exceptional services and also background verified workers. You can book a service through the app with your favoured timings. Thus, this is one of the widely used mobile apps and the application offers many services.

9. BrightNest

BrightNest includes many tips to make all your home needs an easier way. Through this you are able to get more and more useful information like how to fix, clean, decorate and much more. It helps in shaping your home in a sounder way.

10. Mr. Right

This is another floor where you can see your nearest handyman in the locality. Select your neighbourhood or let the GPS detect your location to start with. Just choose the service you require and this app will detect the most fitting person to deal with your dilemma. The professionals will tour you at your preferred time and you can pay them with your card or cash.

Tell us if we missed some other names. We would be delighted to hear from you. Use the comment section below to let us know if we were of some help to you!

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